A model poses at The Agency’s Spring Fashion Showcase on Apr. 16, 2019 at the Graduate Hotel in Athens, Georgia. The Agency specializes in the booking, casting, and exposure of local models. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

Greek gods and goddesses graced The Graduate Hotel’s ballroom during The Agency’s Spring Showcase on Tuesday, April 16, with models sporting looks inspired by the four seasons.

Each of the 43 models wore a garment from one of their sponsor brands, ranging from Banana Republic to Jadore Evening during “A Night of Distinction.” While the models’ looks were all were inspired by one of the four seasons, each model was also dressed to embody a Greek god or goddess, creating an “effervescent” ambiance, stylist Taylor Lamb said.

Although the show had a more creative theme, each model wore sophisticated evening wear. Tuxes and high-end Jadore gowns were complemented by the ballroom’s gold and white details: the stage was adorned with gold curtains, white flowers were draped on the stage and on the side of the room were two gold-framed mirrors. President Chris Tasos, a senior marketing major at the University of Georgia from Cumming, Georgia, was happy with how “high-end” the show felt.

Autumn leaves to summer solstice

The elegance started with the beginning of the show, as the models wearing fall-inspired looks came out first, moving in order through the “summer solstice.”

Each season was grounded in a color or a detail: red evening gowns and ties dominated the fall walk, the winter models sported blue makeup and cocktail dresses, green garments and flower crowns were present in the spring looks and white and gold details came with summer.

The models wore matching makeup and hair with their outfits, all done by students from The Agency.

After the first model’s walk in a red evening gown, it was evident models were allowed creative liberty on the runway. Tasos, for example, dressed in a Hades-inspired look and choreographed a walk to the tune of Billie Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown.”

For attendee Sonam Desai, creative liberties such as these made the show more intriguing.

“They each have their own unique expression, which was different from what you see in a normal fashion show,” Desai, a senior computer science major at UGA from Charleston, South Carolina, said. “It felt like the show was really about the models.”

Model Thea Xin Tian walked in her last show with The Agency after being in the student-run organization for two years. She wore a fall-inspired look, with a headpiece and face jewelry. Tuesday’s show was her last, as an international student from China and senior graduating with a degree in entertainment and media studies.

For Xin Tian, the show was “different from a normal fashion show” because of the atmosphere the models created. She loved being “with people who care about showing the diverse beauty of everybody and every style.”

Future of The Agency

At the end of the show, Tasos, a graduating senior, thanked each of his executive board members and other fellow graduating members from The Agency.

Despite those leaving The Agency, graduating members only have hope for the future of the organization. Tuesday night’s turnout was larger than expected, Tasos said. The Agency sold 111 tickets, nearly filling The Graduate’s ballroom capacity.

Tasos only wants the standard of their shows to get higher from here. The Spring Showcase was the largest show the groups had so far

“I could see this becoming an annual event, with the amount of models that we handle, the better turnout from today,” Tasos said.

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