The Grateful Brothers will perform Live Wire Athens on Nov. 9, 2018.

The Grateful Brothers brands themselves as a cover band with a twist. The band focuses on two specific bands: The Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead.

This band, made up of six members — Zach Thigpen, Brad Crowe, Adam McFarlane, Jeff Holland, James Hall and Robbie Edwards — combines music from the two bands and gives it a new take.

“Our main inspiration is from them and just trying to maintain their spirit,” said Thigpen, a guitarist and vocalist for the band.

The Grateful Brothers will play at Live Wire Athens on Nov. 9. The band is excited to be in Athens for a show because it loves the music scene in town. Thigpen, who formerly lived in Athens, said Athens is a special city to him.

“All of our concerts are different and it has been a while since we’ve played in Athens,” said Crowe, a guitarist and vocalist. “I think we’re better now, and the energy we’ll bring back is different.”

The Grateful Brothers strive to deliver intense, high-energy performances full of improvisation and spontaneity. The band hopes to bring this back to Athens during its show and also find new energy in the audience.

“The energy exchange between us and the crowd always changes, and [it’s] one of the best parts about playing live shows,” Crowe said.

The band, which will celebrate three years of being together in March, has grown exponentially since its start, according to the band. The Grateful Brothers have attracted a loyal following in North and South Carolina, selling out in Greenville often, according to the band.

The Grateful Brothers’ fans extend to more than just sold-out shows. The band has fans who travel with them to see every show, as they often see familiar faces in the audience.

“We love that we have been able to create friendships with the regulars who come to so many of our shows,” Crowe said.

The band members are sure they’ll see more dedicated fans at their show in Athens.

Thigpen said the best part about being in the band is playing live music with his best friends.

“I might sound cheesy, but I just love being able to do the thing I like the most with all the people I love,” Thigpen said.

The Grateful Brothers expects a high energy atmosphere at their show.

“We know we’ll get a really loving, positive crowd full of hippies, and [we] can’t wait,” Crowe said.