Automatic Pizza

Automatic Pizza has quickly become a hot spot for Normaltown and Boulevard residents. When Automatic initially opened, the community rushed in so quickly to get their slice of Automatic that they ran out of dough.(Photo/Timothy DeWitt)

In a college town like Athens, business owners count on students to depend on the fast food and restaurant chains for their late-night eats. One of the most common midnight snacks is pizza, as it’s easily-accessible to order to the library during finals week or the freshmen dorms.  

Pizza is always there for you during all-nighters whether you’re studying for that economics test at the last minute or are finally binge-watching that show on Netflix. But you don’t always have to order in or only eat pizza when it’s convenient. Go out to try one of Athens’ own pizzerias — while the Domino’s and Papa John’s specialty menus may seem extensive, they have nothing on Athens’ finest.

1. Automatic Pizza

Located on Prince Avenue in the Normaltown portion of Athens, the retro ambiance of Automatic Pizza alone is a reason to make a quick visit to grab some grub. One of the eatery’s zesty, specialty pizzas called the "F-100" is topped with roasted chicken, doused in BBQ sauce, topped with jalapeños and more. The eatery also offers everything from meatball subs, cannolis, antipasto salad and gluten-free options.

2. DePalma’s Italian Cafe

Though it’s a chain with three locations in the Athens area, the restaurant is native to Georgia. With spots located on the Eastside, Timothy Road and downtown, each menu offers up an option to choose your own topping or try one of DePalma’s highly-suggested favorite combinations.

For the more adventurous, locals can try "The Gouda Pie," layered with smoked gouda sauce and topped with grilled chicken, ham and arguably the most controversial pizza topping ever: pineapple. But for those that just want to stick to a classic pizza pie like cheese or pepperoni, the cafe offers that too.

3. Starland Pizzeria & Pub

A newer establishment that’s since replaced Transmetropolitan on East Clayton Street, this restaurant’s goal is to make their customers’ day better with a slice of pizza.

You can buy a piece of its carnivore-style "Hungry Sasquatch" specialty pie or the savory Bianca pizza covered in three varieties of cheese and grazed with fresh parsley. Starland also prides itself on its vast variety of cocktails and extensive beer list.

Starland wants its clientele to be able to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and a cold brew while taking a bite of their made-to-order cheesy dishes.

4. Ted’s Most Best

Opened in the summer of 2011, this eatery leaves you the option to build your own pizza down to the base or try one of their special combinations.

One of the restaurant’s combinations is “the angelica” which is based like any other pizza, with tomato sauce and mozzarella, but is topped with sliced pear. The pizzeria also offers a bacon and egg pizza for breakfast lovers and “the marinara” vegan option.

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