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Thea Xin Tian and Griffin Miller, models for The Agency pose in a photoshoot. 

 The University of Georgia’s The Agency will host the biggest event in its history as a club on Tuesday night. “A Night of Distinction” fashion show will be held on April 16 at the Graduate Hotel.

The Agency, a UGA club that educates and trains models to be prepared for a career in the industry, will feature a Greek gods and goddesses theme for this year’s spring showcase.

“We have people coming in from Atlanta …  as well as from boutiques downtown because we always try to keep a little bit of that local steam coming in,” Shaolynn Betts, a sophomore advertising and public relations major from Alpharetta, Georgia, and executive member of The Agency, said.

The Agency will have about nine stores from downtown Atlanta and Athens represented at the event showing clothing lines for all four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

“It is going to be high-tier … our main theme is revolving around the seasons, but utilizing the Greek gods and goddess as personas of that,” Betts said. “So, we are trying to incorporate that ethereal, fantastical, and whimsical aspect using evening wear, tuxedos and a couple of bridal dresses.”

A junior marketing student from Johannesburg, South Africa, Victoria Recio Shaw is the model liaison for The Agency, which involves teaching the models how to walk down the catwalk and work with brands.

“I am excited. It has been a long time in the works,” Recio Shaw said, “We have been planning for about a year … this is definitely our biggest event, and it is probably one of the bigger fashion shows in Georgia.”

The organization is expecting about 250 people to be at the show, including models, photographers, creative directors project managers and, of course, guests.

The Agency’s president Chris Tasos, a senior marketing major from Cumming, Georgia, said the event is going to be “stunning.”

“We aren’t doing trunk shows anymore,” Tasos said. “We have very humble beginnings with asking maybe one or two stores downtown maximum with about 20 pieces, and we would do a small, little 30-minute thing with appetizers. But, now, we are creating this large-scale event.”

The scale of the event is largely due to its collaboration with Southern Distinction, a Southern lifestyle magazine located in Athens. This magazine has worked with The Agency multiple times by using their models in certain issues and for bridal wear. The publisher, Cynde Hyde, has helped The Agency in its fashion show endeavors, thus the name of the night was created: A Night of Distinction.

“I expect [the audience] to be blown away,”  Tasos said. . “I am so excited about all of the effort and the creativity really being poured into the show … We are trying to aim for this upscale, almost semi-professional event, with networking and everyone coming together for one common cause.”

Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled Chris Tasos' name.  The Red & Black regrets this error, and it has since been changed.



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