Battle of the Bands

Georgia Theatre sign for the "Battle of the Bands" event hosted by Phi Gamma Delta and Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer. (Photo/Adrienne Andrews)

The Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer and Phi Gamma Delta charity event, “Battle of the Bands” at the Georgia Theatre, ended with an unexpected and undeserved decision by the judges on Tuesday night.

Following performances by five Athens and Atlanta-based bands, the judges, including University of Georgia student body president Johnelle Simpson, decided that the final act, Doobie & the Goats, had won first place in the competition.

Although the spirit of the event was to raise money for breast cancer research through ticket sales, the bragging rights for first place did not belong to the unpolished and frankly awkward musical stylings of Doobie & the Goats, a cover band comprised of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers.

"King Guru was the best band here," proclaimed Doobie & the Goats frontman upon receiving the news of first place.

King Guru, the Atlanta-based band that performed before Doobie & the Goats, was indeed the most viable act for first place, providing the coherence, stamina, originality and talent that the other acts generally lacked, as well as performing the first audience-requested encore of the night.

Any of the four other performances were more fitting for first place than Doobie & the Goats, all of which were more energetic, more musically competent and more original in their songs. All four other groups comprised the majority of their sets of original songs, while Doobie & the Goats stumbled through five or six covers of other artists' work. Not to mention that none of the other acts needed to have their phones floating in front of their faces, presumably to assist in the remembrance of the song being performed.

Around 100 lively audience members attended the Battle of the Bands to see acts by Walden, Space Mama, The Welcome Home, King Guru and Doobie & the Goats, as well as to raise money for a good cause.

Despite this aura of good intentions, the outcome of the show still went to the least talented band in the competition.