Portugal. The Man and Mattiel perform at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia on Monday, February 26, 2018. (Photo/Jason Born)

The University of Georgia class of 2019 is about to graduate and finally walk under the Arch.

Athens is known for its multitude of traditions and the landmarks that go along with them. With the graduates’ time winding down and nostalgia in full swing, here are few staple spots to visit one last time before you leave the city.

1. The Georgia Theatre

As the center of the Athens music scene, the venue has been host to many musical memories over the years including Walden, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Nihilist Cheerleader. To relive these and make more, grab a drink on the Rooftop and dance along to the last few live bands you’ll be able to catch before you move.

2. The Grill

Two words: feta fries. The Grill was there for you when no other restaurant downtown was — providing food, warmth and retro oddities welcoming you after a night on the town. The 24-hour eatery has been an iconic stop for

generations of alumni who have passed through the Arch since the ’80s.

3. State Botanical Garden of Georgia at UGA

Taking a stroll through the flower gardens in the spring or the changing colors of the trees in the fall makes the botanical gardens a memorable spot. Swing by and experience the summer gardens in full bloom to remind yourself of one more spot you’ll miss in Athens.

4. Mama’s Boy

While many won’t miss the long lines wrapped around both locations of the restaurant, Mama’s Boy biscuits tend to leave a lasting impression. You never know when you’ll suddenly crave a big Mason jar full of sweet tea or a freshly-made biscuit.

5. North Campus

Even if your schedule didn’t include any classes on North Campus, many students found their way to the North Campus lawn on a sunny day. With the Chapel Bell, the Arch and the greenery throughout the space, it’s hard not to make an excuse to study outside.

6. Jittery Joe’s

The Athens roastery is known as a lifeline during midterms or finals week with its signature Crackaccino. Located all over the Classic City, it’s been a place many graduates have had study sessions, dates and existential crises. If you haven’t already snagged a Jittery Joe’s sticker, grab one and throw it on your car or laptop before you go.

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