On July 13, 2018, the band released the “Day Edition” of its third studio album “Day & Night,” almost a year after they came out with the “Night Edition,” on July 14, 2017.

The Vamps has been an active player in the British pop genre since 2012 and their music has only progressed. On July 13, 2018, the band released the “Day Edition” of its third studio album “Day & Night,” almost a year after they came out with the “Night Edition,” on July 14, 2017.

The “Day Edition” of “Day & Night” begins with one of The Vamps’ singles, “Just My Type.” The track is arguably one of the strongest on the album, opening with Bradley Simpson’s emotional voice paired with softer, accompanying backing vocals. He laments over the double-edged sword of finding someone who is “just [his] type.”

“She lets me down, then gets me high,” Simpson admits. “Oh, I don’t know why she’s just my type.”

The album’s other singles, “Personal” and “Hair Too Long” felt good. While both songs explore romantic, even lustful themes, “Personal” falls more to the longing, dreamy side. “Personal” also features Los Angeles singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann, who is best known for her single, “Pretty Girl,” released in 2016. The hook is also catchy, as protagonist pleads, “Girl don’t take it personal, but personally, I think you’d be better with somebody like me.”

In a different sense, “Hair Too Long,” while lustful and shameless, feels like a threat. The chorus exemplifies this, as the protagonist warns, “I’ll go out, kiss all of your friends” and “Sing your least favorite song at the top of my lungs.” The protagonist’s apparent response to feelings of doubt don’t match up with the track, sonically. “Hair Too Long” bounces through the verses, chorus and outro, a common trait of more happy-go-lucky pop songs. Then again, The Vamps’ sound is generally bouncy and playful.

“Too Good to Be True,” another single, dominated the “Day Edition.” The track features both Danny Avila, a Spanish DJ and producer, and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The collaborations provide another layer to the song, which details a love interest who is “way too good to be true.”

“Cheap Wine” is less impressive. The pop genre does not need another song about “drinking too much.” Even the clever play on words with the repetitive line, “‘Cause I want you to know that I’m drinking about you” does not save the track from stereotypes and youth tropes.

The track, “Middle of the Night,” is a bit more revealing. It feels intimate and personal, as the lead vocals plead, “In the middle of the night, I need you.” This is a stark contrast to the overconfidence and reckless tone of “Hair Too Long.”

The “Day Edition” also features the ever-popular “All Night,” which was originally released a year ago. The song, which also appears on the “Night Edition” of “Day & Night,” is a Brit-pop and EDM hybrid. “All Night” is extremely catchy, with a repetitive chorus of, “I been up all night, no sleep, ‘cause I feel like I’m always dreaming.” Though the track does stray from the typical sound of The Vamps, it’s a good fit for the album.

The “Day Edition” of “Day & Night” captures The Vamps’ Brit pop, boy-band sound perfectly, in just over an hour. However, the “Day Edition” does feel repetitive, probably because there are 10 songs that were featured on the “Night Edition,” making only about half of the “Day Edition” truly new material.

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