A double rainbow breaks through the clouds during a rainstorm on Monday, June 10, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. It was still raining while the rainbow shown but it soon disappeared into the clouds until reappearing after the rain had finally stopped. (Photo/Gabriella Audi,

Summer is the time for days spent by the pool, but rainy days can put a damper on outdoor plans. When thunderstorms strike, Athens has plenty of indoor activities to do on a rainy day.

The Rook & Pawn

With a wall stacked top to bottom with board games, The Rook & Pawn is a downtown Athens staple and provides a cozy atmosphere on a dreary day. For $5, visitors can spend the afternoon playing games both popular and obscure, and the bar at the front of the store sells coffee, drinks and snacks.

Bowling at Showtime Bowl

While rain can put an end to outdoor sports, bowling is one game that is weatherproof. Bowling alleys such as Showtime Bowl are a place where students and Athens residents alike can be active on a rainy day. Open 8 a.m.-midnight Sunday through Thursday and even later on weekends, bowling at Showtime is an option no matter what time of day the rain hits.

Georgia Museum of Art

With its free admission and University of Georgia’s East Campus location, the Georgia Museum of Art is a budget-friendly place to spend the day. With exhibits ranging from individual artists’ work to older art movements, the museum provides plenty of food for thought for art lovers and novices alike.

Movies at Ciné

Summer blockbusters are a staple of the season, and rainy days provide the perfect excuse to take a trip to the movie theater. A cornerstone of downtown Athens, Ciné is the destination for arthouse and independent films as well as big-budget films.

Decaf Comedy Open Mic at Hendershot’s

Hendershot’s Decaf Comedy Open Mic is a biweekly activity that can take place no matter the weather. Occuring every second and fourth Tuesday, visitors can come to see a variety of performances by comedians from both Athens and Atlanta while sipping on a coffee or drink.

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