College is the time to express oneself and to establish an identity, and one way many college students choose to express themselves is through the stickers they put on their laptops.

With the internet, students can get a plethora of different types of stickers. Online companies like Red Bubble sell stickers for students to put on their laptops. However, sometimes students can get stickers for free, or get them after going to a campus event.

Maital Kaminer, a fourth-year international affairs major from Atlanta, explained she started her laptop stickers collection her first year of college.


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“I got this laptop freshman year of college, and I’ve always liked stickers, but I wanted to put it on a case…because if I go into a professional meeting I don’t want to have all this on here,” Kaminer said. “I think that I started collecting when I found a few that I thought were funny and that I would want to see on a daily basis. It kind of just started and I was like, I’m going to try and make my laptop stickers kind of represent me in a way.”

Some of Kaminer’s favorite stickers include a mix of some that make her laugh and some that are meaningful to her. She has one sticker that says “Stay weird,” and another that says “everything happens for a reason.”

“I really love the ‘STAY WEIRD’ because it came upside down and I think that’s funny….But I think that this ‘everything happens for a reason’ is my mantra so that is always a good one to have,” Kaminer said.

Lindsey Bowen, a third-year fashion merchandising major from McRae, said she got one of her stickers after buying a T-shirt. 

“I bought a t-shirt from this company called Fight the New Drug, and their purpose is to educate people on how porn affects your brain and relationships, and I’m really passionate about that. And so, the stickers came with the T-shirt,” Bowen said. 

For many, the stickers are their laptops can represent something that they are very passionate about, and something they want everyone to see. Bowen said she is passionate about her stickers because they show her strong beliefs.

“I put them on my laptop because…I want everyone to see,” Bowen said.

Laptop stickers can also be from an event students went to that they want to remember. Bowen mentioned that she got a Bethel Music sticker because she went to see the band.

“I went to California to Bethel Church last year, and they had this sticker there and I thought it was cool, and I absolutely love Bethel, so I got it,” Bowen said. 

Stickers can say a lot about a person’s personality and passions, but it can also help students relate to each other. 

“Even if it’s just something as simple as I see someone who has The Office sticker, I automatically relate to them because I’m like ‘oh, I love that show’ and you love that show too, and now I can joke about it with you,” Bowen said. “And for me, I feel like when people see this, they see that I am passionate about this and that obviously, I don’t stand for pornography.”

Not only do the stickers on student’s laptops represent their beliefs and passions, but it may also show what organizations they are a part of on campus.

Haley Hadden, a fourth-year public relations major from Augusta, has many stickers from past organizations on campus. For her, the stickers show her school involvement. She has UGA stickers, a sticker from a small group she was a part of, a sticker from being a part of UGA Hero’s and one from the first year she ever worked at Oglethorpe House, a dorm on campus. She also has a sticker from an internship she did last summer. 

However, Hadden also has some stickers that show her personality and likes. For example, she has many stickers about coffee.

“This one is just because I’m addicted to coffee,” Hadden said.

Just like any college student, Hadden has movie and book obsessions that she proudly shares to the world by having stickers on her laptop. She has Gossip Girl and Harry Potter stickers on her computer.

“I really love my Gossip Girl and Harry Potter stickers,” Hadden said.

Hadden said she has seen all the episodes of Gossip Girl all the way through twice and has read all the Harry Potter books multiple times. 


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Hadden believes that laptop stickers show people’s interests and background.

“They show what they are interested in, where they are from and what organization they are a part of on campus,” Hadden said.

People’s laptop stickers can also have a story of where they came from, or where they have traveled to. 

Saja Khader, a fourth-year health promotions major from Atlanta, has a lot of stickers from her travels across the United States. 

“Most of them I got (when) I went on an IFP trip, my freshman year. It’s the Interdisplinary Field Program that UGA has, so basically you study geology, ecology, anthropology and English, and you just go from Georgia all the way to California and back. And you hit all the major national parks,” Khader said. “We went to Zion National Park. We went to Yosemite. We went to New Mexico… Also, the year that we went was the national park service centennial, so that was a big thing too.”

 Some of Khader’s stickers also give her a sense of identity. 

“I’m Palestine, so I have a free Palestine sticker,” Khader said.

Bowen hopes to add to her collection of stickers by getting stickers from her favorite shows like The Office and Lizzie McGuire.

“Just something kind of silly because these are both kind of serious,” Bowen said.

Madelyn Skeen, a third-year management major from Woodstock has a bunch of different stickers on several different laptop cases. On one of her laptop cases, she has stickers from Netflix interest, her sorority, and one with her favorite bible quote on it. 

Skeen says that she got most of her stickers from Red Bubble, and she got all of them at one time.

“It hasn’t really been a collection thing… I didn’t want to put it directly on the face of the laptop, so I have a couple of different covers that have different stickers on the covers, so I just swap them out,” Skeen said. “And that way, it’s not on the computer. I’m just super indecisive, so I’ve been wanting different things for different moods.”

Some people may put stickers on their laptops to show their favorite restaurants. Some restaurants even give out free stickers to their customers. For example, the Jittery Joes in the Miller Learning Center on campus gives out free stickers with every purchase. Skeen says that she wants to get a sticker from her favorite restaurant.

“I love to eat at Five Bar downtown, so I know that they have some of the circular stickers,” Skeen said.

Bowen pointed out that each person has a different way of organizing their stickers.

“I like the look of everything being jumbled up and maximal, but some people may like things really minimal and plain,” Bowen said.

Kaminer also likes to have her stickers jumbled up on her laptop, and she think that the way people place their stickers can show their personality.


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“Mine is mixed up and jumbled but I know some people will take up a lot of time and placement and make sure it looks clean…. I think mine is kind of representive of me in like random in a way. I just put on here what I like and I feel like that’s how I like to do things,” Kaminer said.

Whether students use their laptop stickers to remember their favorite school trips, to share which organizations they are a part of, or to show which restaurants and shows that they love, stickers are a great way to portray one’s identity and to open up a conversation to others about similar hobbies and beliefs.

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