Ted's Most Best

Customers enjoy their meals at Ted’s Most Best in downtown Athens, Georgia on Monday, June 3, 2019. The casual Italian eatery is a great place for an outside meal to enjoy the summer weather. (Photo/Caroline Barnes, https://carolinembarnes.wixsite.com/photography)

It can be hard to navigate eating out on a budget, especially when living in a place like Athens with so many options to choose from. We compiled a list of dishes from local eateries all under $10, so you can enjoy the various restaurant options Athens has to offer.


Dish of choice: The Chicken Maepole

This Athens eatery is known for mixing its food together and to grab the deal under $10, you have to pick chicken as your protein. To order food at Maepole, you pick a base such as brown rice or quinoa, two sides ranging from mac and cheese to green beans, a protein and one of their signature sauces. I personally recommend sriracha-honey sauce on top of the chicken dish.

Price: $9.95

Location: 1021 North Chase Street

Mama’s Boy at The Falls

Dish of choice: The Farm Biscuit Sandwich

The iconic breakfast stop’s biscuit sandwich is served all day and is the ideal Southern breakfast dish. The biscuit is stacked high with fried chicken, cheddar cheese, eggs, bacon and tomato.

Price: $8.50

Location: 8851 Macon Highway Suite 403

The Grit

Dish of choice: Grilled Cheese Smelt

The eatery known for its vegan and vegetarian options offers many dishes under $10, and this one is a fan favorite. This monster-sized grilled cheese is filled with tomato, spinach, melted cheese and honey mustard slathered between two massive slices of bread.

Price: $7.50

Location: 199 Prince Ave

Tlaloc El Mexicano Restaurant

Dish of choice: Enchiladas

The traditional Mexican restaurant has many options from tacos to fajitas, but the enchiladas provide a plate full of authentic Mexican food. The eatery offers a hearty helping of corn tortillas slathered in chili pepper sauce with an option of salsa verde, roja or mole.

Price: $9.49

Location: 1225 North Chase Street


Dish of choice: Lomo Cubano

A hot pick of many Athens residents as a cheap and delicious option for a bite to eat. This dish is an option of chicken or steak with grilled red onions on white or wheat bread.

Price: $6.45

Location: 1427 South Lumpkin Street


Dish of choice: Greek Salad Gyro with grilled chicken

The Mediterranean restaurant has everything from kebobs to quinoa bowls, but its signature dishes is are its gyros. The wrap is filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, red roasted peppers, lettuce, and feta cheese and is topped with Greek dressing.

Price: $8.99

Location: 227 Prince Avenue


Dish of choice: Ring of Fire Burger

Known for its abnormal sandwich pairings, this dish is a spicy twist on a traditional burger. This burger consists of a blackened beef with lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapenos, topped with pepper jack cheese and slathered in Clocked’s chipotle sauce.

Price: $7.50 for the sandwich and $2.50 for a side of fries

Location: 259 West Washington Street

Ted’s Most Best

Dish of choice: White Rabbit 10 inch pizza

The Athens pizzeria provides a long list of gourmet personal-sized pizza options for every customer, all for $8.50. This pie is based in béchamel sauce, covered with fresh mozzarella and topped mix of marinated arugula, artichoke hearts, red onions and green peppers.

Price: $8.50

Location: 254 West Washington Street

Taqueria Tsunami

Dish of choice: Tsunami Trio

The Latin-Asian spot located on Clayton Street is a popular stop for locals and students coming through downtown. This meal option gives you the freedom to choose two tacos and one of the restaurant's signature sides. Other dishes worth trying are the “Thai Chicken Taco,” showcasing grilled teriyaki chicken, and the “Pacific Rim Taco,” filled with grilled chili crusted Mahi.

Price: $9.00

Location: 320 East Clayton Street


Dish of choice: Hot Chick Pouchpie

The pouch pie eatery is filled with recipes from around the world and a list full of options under $10. This pie is a spicy dish from Portugal is filled with spicy chicken and Portuguese chorizo sausage in a piri piri and white wine sauce.

Price: $5.50 for the pie and add a side of beer-battered fries for $2.50

Location: 151 East Broad Street

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