Charlie Haas, lead singer, and Benji Holmes, bassist, perform with Underground Springhouse. Underground Springhouse headlined the Georgia Theatre with The Family Recipe and Bigg Chungus in Athens on Tuesday, Jan. 13. (Photo/Erin Schilling, 404.291.9654)

For the members of Underground Springhouse, seeing their band name on the top row of the Georgia Theatre marquee was a dream come true.

Their band name spanned almost the entire length of the marquee, but putting up every letter was worth it after the Tuesday night performance of the funk rock band.

Underground Springhouse pulled out all the stops to headline the Georgia Theatre. Though they’re familiar with the stage from opening for other bands, this is the first time the band played a full set in the legendary venue.

They did not disappoint.

Underground Springhouse, an Athens-grown band comprised of University of Georgia students, invited other talented musicians to take the stage with them, creating a listening experience complete with a horn section, backup singers and violinist Will Ruff.

The extra instruments added more layers to their already groovy tunes, and the band took advantage of their full set to showcase all the different sounds in quick jam sessions between original and cover songs.

Many of the guest musicians on stage came from the opening bands, The Family Recipe and Bigg Chungus.

“Shout out to both of those bands for letting us borrow most of their members and letting us be just one big music family,” Underground Springhouse lead singer Charlie Haas said.

All the bands played instrument-heavy funk rock music, focusing more on the skill of the musicians rather than lyrics.

For the most part, the audience didn’t need lyrics to guide them through the performances. Packed as far back as the sound booth, the audience grooved right along with the music, cheering during particularly impressive jam intermissions, such as the rhythm section showcase near the end of the set.

Underground Springhouse opened its set with “Mashed Potatoes” from its first EP, and by the first lines of the song, the audience immediately started singing along.

The audience recognized most of the band’s original music, which Underground Springhouse performed with an impressive level of energy and nuance. Other crowd favorites included “Gimmeadial” and “Joyfell.”

But it was the cover of “Roses” by Outkast that really got the crowd moving about halfway through the set. Underground Springhouse added their own twist with Haas’s smooth voice and the backup of a full band.

The reassuring vibes of the audience and the honor of the Georgia Theatre stage increased their performance as a band, and the performers definitely had as good of a time performing as the audience did listening.

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