Candace Doby

Candace Doby is an acclaimed keynote speaker who will be speaking for International Education Week on Tuesday, Nov. 19. 

The department of International Student Life at the University of Georgia is hosting a week-long series of events guided to represent international students and teach others about diverse cultures around the world. These events give students, faculty and staff different opportunities to learn more about the cultures and traditions of those in our town and learn about international education experiences offered by UGA. The Red & Black has compiled a list of a few of the events taking place this week.

1. World Languages Showcase

UGA provides the opportunity to learn plenty of foreign languages and advance your skills as well. This event will host faculty and staff from different language departments for students to interact and network with. Students can talk about opportunities that are offered in each department and even advance their vocabulary as well.

2. ‘Courage’ by Candace Doby

Candace Doby is an acclaimed keynote speaker who merges her research with leading experiential marketing teams at Chipotle Mexican Grill. Her mission is to help individuals find their courage, travel and to be themselves. She will be speaking about how to overcome fear of traveling to encourage students to study abroad and gain influential experience about different cultures.

3. World Music Showcase

UGA musical ensembles will gather together to represent the musical diversity around the world. Students and musicians will express their talents and showcase the music from their home countries. While many of these styles of music may not seem as prominent in the United States, they serve a purpose for many different students and cultures.

4. Internationalizing Your Resume

The UGA Career Center will be offering advice and assistance for students by translating international experiences into meaningful resume content. This is a valuable opportunity geared towards international and domestic students looking to achieve tailored career advice and mentorship.

5. Global Trivia Night

The Global Buddies Program will be hosting a global trivia night to test student’s knowledge on world culture and offer the opportunity to meet new people. Refreshments and prizes will be provided, and the event will teach attendees cultural information about international countries.

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