Ciné in downtown Athens, Georgia on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019. Ciné is a non-profit, community-based movie theater in a restored historic venue. 
(Photo/Taylor Gerlach)

With fall and Halloween season on the rise, Ciné, located in downtown Athens,  will show a variety of upcoming films which will put you in the mood for crisp, fall weather. Whether it’s a classic horror movie, such as “Scream,” or feel-good films of fan-favorite shows like “Downton Abbey” or “Breaking Bad,” there is something for everyone this time of year. Here are five upcoming films being presented at the Ciné this October. 


When: Oct. 3

To kick off this Halloween season, a classic scary movie such as “Scream” is a popular choice. The film goes through the story of a teenage girl and her friends being terrorized by a new killer a year after her mother’s murder. 

‘Nosferatu’ with live score by Invincible Czars

When: Oct. 3

“Nosferatu” is an adapted film of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” which depicts the title character as an unusual, spidery vampire with claws and a bulb-like head. It combines the disturbing appearance of the vampire with the sinister tones of the Carpathian mountains, where the movie was filmed. Along with the showing of the movie, The Invincible Czars, silent film sound makers, will mix together acoustic and electrical instruments with  Leila Henley’s vocals to provide a live score to this classic, silent-era, horror film.

‘Downton Abbey’

When: Sept. 30- Oct. 3

Aside from the horror films being presented at  Ciné, the British family of Downton Abbey will be taking to the silver screen. In the film, the Crawley family, owners of the formidable Downton estate are expecting King George V and Queen Mary to visit their home, resulting in an abundance of preparation and drama. 

‘El Camino: a Breaking Bad Movie’ 

When: Oct. 11

The hit Netflix series “Breaking Bad” is now making its way to the movie theaters so fans can see Jesse Pinkman (Emmy-winner Aaron Paul) come to terms with his past and create his ideal future. This thriller was directed by the creator of “Breaking Bad,” and is bound to be a favorite for fans who loved the show and will give them a chance to reunite with their favorite characters once again. 

‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ with The Invincible Czars

When: Oct. 3

For silent film lovers, this German movie is one of the most beloved and enigmatic works of the silent-film era. It’s said by many to be the first great horror motion picture with its quirky sets, mysterious shadows and creepy make-up. Similar to Ciné’s screening of “Nosferatu,” this film will also have a live score performed by The Invincible Czars bound to make the film feel as though it is coming to life right in the theatre. 

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