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The proposed Hot Corner Historic District would include 40 Watt Club, Morton Theatre and other buildings on the west side of downtown.

In recent years, Zumba has become a trendy form of exercise for all ages. On Friday Feb. 9, the 40 Watt Club on 285 W Washington Street is hosting a “Zumba After Dark” event.

Tania Yelton, the Zumba instructor for the event, came up with the idea after teaching a Zumba fitness program during the day.

“I just one day had a crazy idea. What if we move this into a night setting — because I don’t go downtown, I don’t go to any sports bars anymore. It’s really a great way to kind of have a moms’ night out,” Yelton said.

Yelton described what Zumba is for those who do not know.

“Basically it’s just a dance fitness program,” Yelton said. “It’s really a fun program, lots of movement, lots of cardiovascular workout.”

Yelton has been running the event for several years, and the Zumba after dark event has been popular since the beginning.

“The first one we had about 75 people show up…We did another one the next month, and there was about 130 people that came. It has gotten so big that we had over 200 people coming,” Yelton said.

The event is open to a wide range of ages but there is an age limit.

“It’s really 16 and older, but really 14 and over can come in and dance. But if you are 21 and older you can drink at the bar,” Yelton said. “But it’s really fun — it’s just two hours of hilariously laughing at yourself with many of your friends.” 

Yelton attempts to host the event regularly throughout the year despite how hectic it can be. 

“I try to do one once a month, but sometimes things get crazy because [of] Georgia football and that kind of thing,” Yelton said. 

Yelton enjoys hosting the Zumba event to help others stay fit, and have fun while doing it. 

“My favorite thing about it is fitness… I love getting people moving and getting people sweating,” Yelton said. “There’s a lot of times where people don’t love gyms but they kind of want to see what’s out there, and so something like this gets them aware that there are venues besides large gyms.”

Yelton insisted that one does not need to be a Zumba expert to come to the event.

“You don’t have to know how to Zumba,” Yelton said. “You just really need to know how to laugh at yourself because it just makes it so much more fun.”

Tickets are $12 cash at the door or $10 online before the event. Doors open at 6:45 p.m.

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