Freshman high-rise residents decorate their doors and hallways in time for Halloween at the University of Georgia; some use lights for a simple spooky look, while others go all out with spider webs and caution tape. Photos taken on October 24th, 2018. (Photo/Kate Skeean)


Whether it’s your first semester in Russell Hall or your last in East Campus Village, most people can agree dorm living isn’t exactly glamorous. However, there are many ways you can transform bland rooms into a  home away from home without having to break the bank. 

Add a little green

A great way to add a little life to a drab dorm room is by adding live plants. Not only do they look great on a desk, but they also clean the air of your dorm! If you know you would kill any plant within a five-foot radius, don’t fret! You can also buy fake succulents to create the same atmosphere without any of the responsibility.

Cardboard headboard

Make your bed look more put together with a DIY headboard. First,  grab a cardboard box, Lowe’s normally provides you with them as long as you ask.  Next, buy some fabric you like that matches your room decor and then cut the cardboard box into whatever shape you would prefer headboard to be. Finally cover the cardboard in the fabric and attach it in whichever way works best for you (tape, staples, glue, etc.) and viola! You have a new headboard.

Cover your walls

Put photos on your walls with command strips and use fairy lights to frame them and get creative with photo collages and inspiration boards. Or you could put up a poster of your favorite band or a place you want to visit If you don’t want to put in the effort of finding multiple photos or cutting out quotes, buy a flag or tapestry to cover your wall.

DIY colored light bulbs

Set the mood in your room with multi-color light bulbs. If you have a lamp in your room, take the light bulb out and color the entire thing with a Sharpie color of your choice. If you want various colors, buy a pack of bulbs and use different colors on each of them.

Decorate your door

Show people on your hall some personality by decorating the outside of your door, or decorate the inside to blend the room together better. Many people attach whiteboards outside of their doors to write messages to friends or to let a passerby know if anyone is home. You can also decorate the outside of doors for holidays or football season with decals. As for the inside of your door, you can use a wall decal or tape to decorate. It’s also a great place to hang a full-length mirror if there’s no other space available.


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