On Wednesday, March 7, Your Pie Beechwood celebrated its newly renovated restaurant with a Dine and Donate event before the grand reopening. The event benefited two local Athens organizations: Extra Special People and Athensmade.

On Wednesday, the restaurant filled with customers who decided to stop by for a free pizza and give back to their community as well. For those who wanted to attend, they could sign up for a time between the times of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. or 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. The founder, Drew French, came out to help work the event.

The Beechwood location is the original Your Pie location, and in honor of it being open for 10 years, French decided to renovate the restaurant and have a Dine and Donate to celebrate.

“Part of our birthday gift to ourselves was a much-needed facelift to the original store,” French said. “We wanted to do this event to help give back to two local organizations that are dear to my heart.”

The two organizations that the event was raising money for were Athensmade and Extra Special People. Athensmade is a nonprofit organization that was created to promote brands, entrepreneurs and professionals from Athens. Extra Special People (ESP) is a nonprofit serving individuals with developmental disabilities. According to ESP’s Executive Director Laura Whitaker, Your Pie has partnered with them before.

“Drew and I went through the Terry Entrepreneur Society together,” Whitaker said. “He has been a support to our mission ever since.”

Some of the ways that Your Pie has given back to the community include sponsoring ESP’s events and hosting different fundraisers.

“Drew always sees opportunities to give back whenever he can,” Whitaker said. “This opportunity is great because our neighbors can come and enjoy a free pizza or salad and also donate.”

Along with giving back to the community, this event was a way to show off the renovations to the original Your Pie location. The oven, along with the walls and ceilings, have been completely redone. The restaurant now has new countertops, bathrooms, tables, booths and equipment.

“We just wanted to make it really fresh and clean and brighter,” French said.

At the event, the line for a free entree wrapped around the restaurant as plenty of people came out to take part in the promotion. The way the event worked was that customers could get a free entree, whether that be a personalized pizza, one of the pizzas off of the menu or a salad, and then they would have the opportunity to donate at the checkout.

“They don’t have to donate, or they can donate whatever they want,” French said. “Whether they give $1 or $1 million, we just give 100 percent to the organizations.”

The Beechwood location’s official grand reopening was Thursday, March 8, and the business is hoping for a busy weekend.

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