What does my donation fund?

All donations go directly to serving the more than 200 students involved in The Red & Black each year. This includes adding video capability and training for reporters across the newsroom; acquiring additional photo equipment; covering travel for sports and paying stipends to our student staff, vital to ensure we continue to foster socio-economic diversity in the newsroom.

As a student news organization, how do you serve readers?

We publish news daily at redandblack.com and provide readers in-depth coverage in our weekly print edition. In the 2018-2019 school year, our journalists published 4,275 articles, 521 photo galleries, 63 videos and 60 podcast episodes at redandblack.com. Every day we give readers breaking news, features, commentary and sports coverage — including extra editions covering championship games.

In our community, legacy news organizations have slashed their staffs and cut back their publishing schedules. The Red & Black stepped to fill the gap with an added city news desk and increased coverage of local issues.

No one better covers the state’s flagship university. We are the only media outlet in Georgia with beat reporters covering every varsity sport at UGA. We provide daily independent reporting on UGA — we don’t just re-print press releases as other community news outlets do.

I’ve been to Athens. You have a nice building. Do you really need donations?

To be blunt, yes. We need your support. We are fortunate that past staff, board members, donors and alumni of The Red & Black were able to build our home on Baxter Street and put aside funds for emergencies. It’s a wonderful legacy we are committed to preserve and honor. But we can’t draw on emergency funds to sustain our daily mission. We are trimming all operating costs we can, including sub-leasing part of our building and reducing all non-student-related expenses.

Why are you telling us all this?

As stewards of journalism, we believe in holding leaders at the university and in City Hall accountable. We ask them for transparency. We believe being transparent ourselves is a way to lead by example and to provide students with real-world experience about the challenges news organizations face.

So, if I give, is my donation tax deductible?