Sea scallops with tomato saffron sauce from DePalma's, one of the first restaurants to commit to "Ready, Set, Go Safely."

Sea scallops with tomato saffron sauce from DePalma's Italian Cafe, one of the first restaurants to commit to "Ready, Set, Go Safely." (Photo/Caroline Barnes)

Athens-Clarke County is promoting an initiative called “Ready, Set, Go Safely” that asks local businesses and restaurants to commit to and follow safety protocol and sanitization procedures. The guidelines, such as monitoring social distancing and capacity guidelines and following CDC-recommended guidelines for cleaning, are coming from the state of Georgia and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The campaign seeks to promote community-wide safety standards while also encouraging support for local businesses and restaurants. Businesses and restaurants participating in this campaign will have a window sticker on display with the initiative logo for customers to see.

DePalma’s Italian Cafe was one of the first restaurants to commit to the program at all of its locations.

“Athens-Clarke has been a leader in COVID proactivity in the state and I am happy to be a resident and businessman here,” said DePalma’s owner, David Cappi, in an email.

“Their newest initiative ‘Ready, Set, Go Safely’ is yet another way they are trying to educate all of us in order to resume daily life as safely as possible," Cappi said. "While the information is common sense it is an important step to keep these simple safety measures at the top of the mind during these trying times. We are happy to be part of the initiative.”

Heirloom Cafe has also committed to the program.

“Part of the reason we are interested in this program is that it does provide a set of guidelines for the community and for businesses, and for us it’s what we are already doing for our coworkers and our guests,” said Travis Birch, co-owner of Heirloom Cafe.

Heirloom has committed to making all front and back of house employees wear masks, and requires patrons to wear a mask, which will be provided if they do not have one, to enter their building. Heirloom is currently only serving customers on the patio.

Last Resort Grill, Alumni Cookie Dough and Taziki’s are other restaurants committed to the program so far.

The program is sponsored by Georgia Power, and has partnered with the University of Georgia, Piedmont College and the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Editor’s Note: The Red & Black Publishing Company is participating in the Ready, Set, Go Safely campaign.

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