Jerk Chicken Rashe's Cuisine

A Jerk Chicken Plate from Rashe's Cuisine. (Photo/Olivia Wakim)

After seeing mouth-watering photos of Rashe’s food on Instagram, I finally tried it out for myself. Rashe’s Cuisine is a Jamaican restaurant known for its authentic comfort food, owned and operated by Rashe Malcolm. The restaurant has a small room and a window for customers to place their orders. There is no seating at the restaurant, so the food is all to-go. Most of the meals come with one meat entree and two sides for around $10 total.

I got the jerk chicken plate with a side of mac and cheese and collard greens. The jerk chicken was so tender that it fell right off the bone and didn’t require a fork or knife. After a few minutes, the only thing left on my plate was a pile of bones. The collard greens were flavorful and salty, a delicious contrast to the jerk chicken. The mac and cheese — my favorite item on the plate — had such a unique flavor. It was creamy and smoky, and it melted in my mouth. Rashe’s Cuisine is open Wednesday-Friday from 11 a.m.-6 p.m at 585 Vine St. Suite 3.

Olivia is a junior journalism major at the University of Georgia. Her love for writing and sharing stories from the community led her to The Red & Black. She loves being able to highlight the people who make up the Athens community.

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