Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm (11) calls out plays during a football game at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018. The Georgia football team defeated Mizzou 43-29 in their fourth game of the season. (Photo/Christina Matacotta)

The Red & Black’s football beat writer Nathan Moore discussed Georgia’s upcoming game with Emily Leiker, the sports editor of Missouri’s student newspaper, The Maneater. Last year, the Bulldogs defeated the Tigers, 43-29.

Nathan Moore: What were the expectations for Missouri going into the season, and where are those expectations going into this game?

Emily Leiker: Going into this season a lot of people expected Missouri to be a pretty good team. They were excited about quarterback Kelly Bryant coming in. Now they’ve lost two road games in a row headed into a Georgia game that doesn’t look like it will go well. I’m not very confident this will be a strong game for Missouri. Bryant said this week that he’s only about 75% healthy after suffering a hamstring injury at Kentucky. Backup Taylor Powell could play most of the game, so there’s definitely a fear around here that this won’t end well.

Moore: Assuming Bryant plays, what can we expect to see from him and the Missouri offense?

Leiker: The offense under Bryant has been a huge contrast to last year with Drew Lock. Bryant runs the ball a lot more, and we’ve seen him be able to extend plays for Missouri time and time again. I don’t even know how many potential sacks have been saved by his scrambling ability. He ran into some problems at Vanderbilt scrambling too much, and that hurt the offense. But I do think the most dangerous thing about the Missouri offense is Bryant’s ability to run the ball.

Moore: How do you think the game is going to play out?

Leiker: It comes down to whether or not Bryant plays. It will be a very different game if he doesn’t. Assuming he plays, I think Georgia grabs an early lead and Missouri will mount some sort of comeback in the second or third quarter. ... But I think Georgia will stay too far ahead.

Moore: Score prediction?

Leiker: I would say 42-14.

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