Georgia runningback D’Andre Swift (7) runs the ball during a football game at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia on Sept. 1, 2018. The University of Georgia football team played against Austin Peay State University for their first game of the season. (Photo/Christina Matacotta)

Georgia’s offense lost a few playmakers from last season. That apparently doesn’t matter from what the Bulldogs showed on offense against Austin Peay on Saturday.

The Bulldogs showed speed from a variety of skill positions on offense and in a variety of different ways. Whether it was end-arounds from receivers like juniors Tyler Simmons or Demetris Robertson or a simple hand off to sophomore D’Andre Swift or junior Elijah Holyfield, the Bulldogs showed that they have a number of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball.

Granted, Austin Peay’s defense wasn’t exactly a fair match for Georgia, but the Bulldogs showed that if given the ball in open space, there are a number of players on the offense that can be a home-run threat to the end zone.

“It makes my job really easy,” sophomore quarterback Jake Fromm said. “Just get those guys the ball and let them make the plays.”

One of those players is Robertson, a former track and field athlete at Savannah Country Day School. On his first touch of the game, the junior took an end-around 72 yards for a touchdown, breezing past the Austin Peay defenders.

Robertson scored on his first touch. Often times opportunities for some of the playmakers on the offense are limited due to the depth in that area.

“I feel like we all know the opportunities that we get may be limited because of all the great guys around us,” Robertson said.

Another football player and track athlete is Hardman. The junior caught a pass over the middle from Jake Fromm and proceeded to take it the rest of the way for a 59-yard touchdown.

Then there were the running backs. Swift and Holyfield, along with freshman James Cook, all combined for 133 yards and two touchdowns. They also showed their ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. On several occasions, Georgia was able to pick up first downs with simple passes out to either Swift, Herrien and sometimes Cook, and each time the running back was able to make enough people miss to keep the chains moving.

“We’re just so deep [on] offense, I mean everybody,” Swift said. “I think that’s an advantage that we need to use.”

That doesn’t even include freshman quarterback Justin Fields, who in multiple situations was able to make plays with his feet when no receivers were open. He finished with 33 yards on the ground.

Georgia’s blowout victory over an FCS opponent may not have revealed much about how good the Bulldogs will be this year. What it did do, however, was showed how much talent the team has at skill positions, which bodes well as Georgia begins conference play next Saturday.

Georgia and everyone at Sanford Stadium saw that this Bulldog team doesn’t follow the typical run-first, tough defensive style of a team. Rather, this year’s Georgia team has a variety of ways to attack on offense, which could be scary for opposing defenses.

“We’ve got a lot of things we can do, and we’ve got a lot of people that we can get the ball," Hardman said. “I don’t think it’s going to drop off in the talent level that we have this year from last year.”

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