The University of Georgia football team played against Vanderbilt University for its homecoming game on Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, at Sanford, Stadium in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Justin Fountain, justingf@uga.edu)

After Georgia defeated Vanderbilt 41-13 on Saturday, The Red & Black's football beat writers and editors graded the performances of the team's position groups.


Georgia's quarterbacks passed for 341 combined yards and no interceptions Saturday. What else do you need to know about the quarterback performance? Jake Fromm turned in one of the best passing performances of his career, tossing 276 yards and three touchdowns. Justin Fields saw significant snaps in the second half, chipping in 53 in a game where the Georgia passing game overshadowed the powerful run game. — Alex Soderstrom 

Grade: A+

Running backs

The Bulldog run game was quiet early. In the first half alone, Georgia running backs only had seven total carries. Although the volume wasn’t there until later on in the game, the efficiency was there throughout the night. Elijah Holyfield, D’Andre Swift and Brian Herrien all scored touchdowns. Overall it was an impressive day for the running backs. — John Durham 

Grade: A


The sample size of Georgia passing plays was larger against Vanderbilt than it has been in recent weeks, which allowed the Bulldog receivers to shine. Terry Godwin and Riley Ridley each scored first-half touchdown, and each play was impressive in its own right, as Godwin’s involved shedding tackles on his way to the end zone while Ridley made a juggling catch as he fell backwards. Along with those two plays in particular, the position, including the tight ends, continued to display consistent success throughout the game. — Tommy Boyd 

Grade: A-

Offensive line

Georgia's offensive line was hindered by injuries, but it still helped the offense produce through the air and by running the ball. Solomon Kindley and Lamont Gaillard were both shaken up throughout the game, although Kindley did not return while Gaillard did. Trey Hill played in place of Kindley and helped Georgia in pass protection. The offensive line gave quarterback Jake Fromm and backup quarterback Justin Fields plenty of time to throw from the pocket, all while running the ball effectively in the second half. — Michael Hebert 

Grade: A

Front seven

The defensive front turned in a baffling first-half performance. At times, the Commodores seemed to move the ball at will, rushing for 91 yards. Still, Vanderbilt only had six points to show at halftime. By the second half, the front seven was firing on all cylinders. The Commodores' only points in the second half were from a garbage time touchdown, and that was thanks in large part to the stout performance by the front seven. — Alex Soderstrom 

Grade: B+


Much like the front seven, the secondary took a half to find its groove. Once it did, the unit was as dependable as ever. Vanderbilt accumulated 183 passing yards Saturday, but most of those yards came in the first half. The Bulldog secondary didn't create any turnovers Saturday, but they also didn't need to. — Alex Soderstrom 

Grade: B+

Special teams

Rodrigo Blankenship was once again the highlight of Georgia's special teams. The junior nailed two field goals, including a 53-yarder, and set a school record for consecutive made extra points. The rest of the kick and return game was generally error-free. — Alex Soderstrom 

Grade: A

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