Georgia running back James Cook (4) sprints away from Vanderbilt safety Dashaun Jerkins (33) during the first half of the University of Georgia football game at Vanderbilt University on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo/Gabriella Audi www.gabbyaudi10.wixsite.com/mysite-1)

Every Sunday after a Georgia football game, The Red & Black will examine a key play from Saturday’s game. This week, we take a look at James Cook's 18-yard touchdown rush during Georgia's 30-6 victory over Vanderbilt. 

The score

Georgia led Vanderbilt 7-0 with 1:03 remaining in the first quarter. The Bulldogs had a first-and-10 from just inside Vanderbilt's 18-yard line. 

The situation

Georgia struggled with converting red-zone appearances to touchdowns last season under former offensive coordinator Jim Chaney. Now it was up to James Coley to dial the right play to give Georgia another seven points heading into th the second quarter. The play that put the Bulldogs in the red zone this time was an end-around handoff to junior wide receiver Demetris Robertson, who ran the ball 15 yards downfield after a great block by tight end Charlie Woerner. 

The play

Jake Fromm lined up in the shotgun on first-and-10 with a four receiver set, with two wide receivers on the right and two tight ends lined up wide to the left. The Vanderbilt defense was spread thin, allowing sophomore running back James Cook to find open space when Fromm handed him the ball immediately after the snap. Three Commodores defenders converged on Cook, including an outside linebacker, a safety and the cornerback covering Woerner in the slot. Woerner made a nice block, Cook got to the outside and scampered into the end zone after Eli Wolf had another good block down field closer to the goal line. 

The quote

"We've got good backs," Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said. "We've got to figure out our true identity and figure out a way to be more dangerous in the passing game." 

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