University of Georgia fans carrying beer on College Avenue in Athens, Georgia on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020. Many bars were packed due to the Georgia vs. Tennessee game. (Photo/Matthew Crenshaw)

Athens-Clarke County open container laws have provisions that allow for drinking on property owned by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents (i.e. campus) and during certain special events (i.e. gamedays). But bear in mind:

1. You cannot carry glass containers of any type in any public area.

2. You cannot carry open containers of alcoholic beverages on city streets — including streets that cut through campus. In other words, while you can wander Myers Quad with a beer in hand, you can’t carry that beer down Lumpkin Street.

3. You cannot carry open containers on downtown streets outside of designated sidewalk areas in front of certain bars and restaurants.

4. You cannot possess any open container of alcohol while in an automobile on public streets, sidewalks, rights of way or in any public or semi-public parking facility — whether the vehicle is moving or not.

5. Remember, you can’t bring alcohol — or any liquids, besides unopened water bottles — into the stadium.

This article was first published in The Red & Black's fall 2021 Tailgate Guide special publication.