Students who will be graduating in the fall, accepting internships in the spring or taking entirely online classes for a semester might be unsure about signing long-term leases or committing to certain housing situations. Subleasing or subletting can be an alternative option for students who need to be more flexible. Here are four steps to take.

Make sure it’s doable

Before you try to sublease your space — or sublet from someone else — make sure it’s feasible. Be sure the property lease allows it before jumping into any situation.

Check out Facebook groups

UGA has several Facebook groups for students who either need to sublet their property or are looking to sublease. Join one of these to see recent updates from students and subletters living in Athens.

Research apartments in Athens

Some apartments help residents sublet their units and provide waitlists for potential new tenants to sublease these units as they become available. For those who are more flexible about their living experience, this may be a good option.

Talk to classmates

One way to find a place to live is to speak with your peers. Many students at UGA either need a roommate for their next semester or know of someone that needs a roommate. At the beginning of class, or at the beginning of a Zoom call, mention in the chat that you are looking for a place to live and include a link to a GroupMe or Facebook chat.