Promotions Team

The Red & Black offers dozens of positions for students who want to be part of our independent news organization. 

Editorial Positions

Newsroom Recruits (training)

As you go through Red & Black recruitment, you get hands-on training. You can expect to complete at least four assignments, attend workshops and training sessions, have one-one-one meetings to review your work and meet with fellow recruits. We offer recruitment training for:

  • Reporters
  • Columnists
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Digital Producers
  • Designers
  • Graphic Artists

Newsroom Contributors (unpaid)

After completing recruitment, you move to one of our main desks: News, Sports, Culture, Opinion, Photo, Video, Design, Digital.

As a member of a desk, you contribute to daily online news and weekly print issues (monthly in 2020-21 because of COVID precautions). You take part in desk meetings, pitch ideas, complete assignments and get published. As a contributor you are expected to attend weekly desk meetings and complete at least one major assignment a week. Many students opt to remain contributors because it provides great experience but requires less of a time commitment. 

Newsroom Staff (paid)

Applications are taken before each semester for paid staff positions. These require a greater time commitment. Ability to meet deadlines is essential. Staff positions include:

Beat Reporters — can vary by semester but include positions such as Mayor & Commission Beat Reporter or Football Beat Reporter. Expect to write a minimum of three articles a week while developing expertise and contacts in your beat.

Staff Photographers, Videographers, Designers and Illustrators — pick up a variety of assignments as needed and develop own ideas for projects. Staff photographers should expect to shoot at least three assignments per week and videographers should expect to complete at least one video per week. Design and illustration assignments will vary.

Assistant Desk Editors — manage editing, fact-checking, mentoring beat reporters and contributors, posting content on the website and helping with print production. They also report and write their own projects or take on a beat.

Desk Editors — set the overall direction and quality of their section, manage staff and contributors and oversee print and digital production. 

Digital Team —  focus on connecting with our audience, creating supplementary content, producing podcasts or short videos and running our social media and newsletter programs.  

Enterprise Team — experienced reporters, led by the Enterprise Editor, this team works on long-term projects and investigations.

Newsroom Management — The newsroom is led by an editor in chief, who is hired by our board of directors. The editor in chief is assisted by an executive editor and managing editor.

Special Publications Staff

The Red & Black Publishing Co. produces magazine-style guides for students, visitors and Athens residents. The team works on these guides as well as accompanying online materials, such as our Eat & Drink Athens, GA section of the site.  

Sales & Business Staff

As an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit, The Red & Black is funded through a variety of sources including advertising sales. Students work in our sales and business departments in a variety of positions, getting hands-on experience.

Unpaid, training positions

  • Sales intern
  • Promotions intern

Paid staff positions

  • Student ad manager
  • Account executive
  • Business assistant
  • Creative services assistant
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Distribution assistant
  • Promotions team member 

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the positions that require face-to-face interaction, such as the promotions team, are temporarily suspended but will resume as soon as possible.