All Grown Up: Balancing your time

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All Grown Up is a weekly series in which local Athenians — of all ages, professions and backgrounds — offer their advice on what growing up really means. This week's installment comes from Armin Hojjaty, a junior at the University of Georgia: 

The hardest part about growing up for me has been balancing doing what's right for me with wanting to help others.

A lot of times I've felt like people try to take advantage of someone who is always willing to help or give up their time. I like to think I'm one of those people always willing to put aside my own tasks to help the group or an individual. This is evident from my involvement in Theta Chi Fraternity, and with my two majors.

My roles in Theta Chi started from being a recruitment chairman to being the Vice President of Health & Safety to currently serving as the President, and these positions also aided me in becoming elected as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Interfraternity Council.

I think all of these things have grown me as a man, and the lessons gained are priceless. However, personally I've struggled with the fact that I've invested almost all of my time to helping others and improving the groups I represent, which has in turn created a more challenging personal path for myself. Sometimes I feel if I had more time or all my focus on school then I'd be considered with the top kids on the pre-medicine track.

That has to be the biggest obstacle I’ve faced in college, and really with growing up in general. Overall, I think though my commitments in college may have made my path a more difficult one, but they have also separated me from the pack. I hold experiences and knowledge that only a select few do.

This however reverts me back to my point that this all takes time and effort, and my biggest struggle is that sometimes I feel that I have given all my time to helping others and have forgotten about myself as a human being with personal goals. Then again I look at myself and see how much better of a person I am because of what I've done so far. Plus, I can't get away from my own nature of wanting to help others.

I feel stuck in the middle between how much I should do for others and how much I should do for myself. I believe that I have overcome a lot and that this stage in my life will only make me better, leading me to my ultimate goal of helping others in the medical field.

— Armin Hojjaty

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