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& Music Review: 'friday night with... the rodney kings'

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rodney kings

After nearly a yearlong silence, Athens garage punk trio The Rodney Kings came back this month with a new release. Feb. 1, the group put “friday night with.. the rodney kings” up on its Bandcamp page for streaming and download.

The release kicks off with “black out,” a musical kick to the teeth that sounds like it was made for only the most violent of slamdancing. Wasting no time, the song immediately opens with its catchy main riff and never lets up. 

Harkening back to the days of explosive punk songs sans filler, “black out” moves quickly through two repetitions of its verse and chorus before ending with a fast-paced guitar solo from frontman Reeth Dasgupta. Although the song might strike some as lacking variation, its 1’27” play time and breakneck pace makes it hard to get bored with.

The release’s second song is the only slightly slower “im watching you.” Despite not quite matching the frantic energy of “black out,” the song still packs a punch and manages to flesh out its ideas a little more fully.

Much like its antecedent, “im watching you” kicks off with its main riff and moves quickly through brief verses and choruses before another well-played solo by Dasgupta. This time around, though, the song’s energy carries through the solo’s end for an explosive final iteration of the song’s main ideas.

Dasgupta’s vocals reach an aggressive peak at the song’s end, and as he delivers the song’s last “I’m watching you!” it seems that his screams couldn’t get any more intense. The track ends with a final, emphatic crash, and all the instruments are left ringing until the release’s end.

Although it only has two songs (and clocks in at under four minutes long), “friday night with.. the rodney kings” still manages to be a worthwhile listen. Fans of the band or punk music in general should be sure not to miss this release and definitely be on the look out for what the band might do next.

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