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With the semester back in full swing, it’s hard to squeeze in a leisurely read—especially when there is rarely time for a daily shower. However, after a long day of grueling lectures, a good book is often the best fix. When it comes to choosing a book, it can be fun to look local. Though Athens is known for its music, birthing acts such as the B-52’s, Neutral Milk Hotel and Of Montreal, it should equivocally be recognized as a literary mecca that is currently burgeoning with an unbelievable display of talent.

Specifically within the UGA English department, there are a number of professors who are nationally recognized for their writings and consistently receive fellowships and grants to continue their work. Students are quick to forget how distinguished their paper-graders truly are due to the humble nature of the classroom.

In hopes of honoring some of the work currently published by UGA Staff, we’ve dedicated this week’s Staff Picks to five books exclusively written by UGA English Department professors. Students, especially English majors, can think of this as an alternative way to get in their professor’s headspace and see how they operate. The pieces range from experimental, and undoubtedly political, prose poetry to a re-imagining of the self as a writer and human being alongside a companion dog to a fictional story of a young African American anthropologist searching for answers in Senegal. Many of the works can be found online and occasionally in Avid Bookshop on Prince Avenue

1. Let’s Let That Are Not Yet: Inferno - Ed Pavlic

2. Companion Animal - Magdalena Zurawski

3. By Reason of Breakings: Poems - Andrew Zawacki

4. He Sleeps - Reginald McKnight

5. Imaginary Museums: Surrealism, Modern Poetry, and the Visual Arts, 1920-1970 - Susan Rosenbaum

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