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Three People, Passions, Journeys

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Jason Booth, China Duncanson and Foley Akanmu pose for a portrait in Athens, Ga. on Thursday, March 30, 2017. (Photo by Cory A. Cole and Kristin Bradshaw)

What do a model, an advocate for human rights and a craftsman have in common? Without the drive, love and passion for the things they do, their personal journeys would prove to be impossible. Their current accomplishments flourish from the trials and tribulations of their pasts. And as they continue to make strides in their endeavors and dreams, their futures promise great things for their own journeys and for the worlds they devote themselves to.


Foley Akanmu

A junior studying political science, Foley Akanmu, made a decision this January to give a voice to those he believed weren't being heard. Driven by the fear that media coverage regarding the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Mi. is lacking, Akanmu felt called to raise awareness on UGA's campus. He has devoted his breaks between classes to staking out at the bustling Tate bus stop with his sign, engaging in conversations with students about the issue and how they can get involved to make the end of this crisis a reality. While he feels there are still more conversations to be had, Akanmu stands, adamant and unwavering, his sign in hand, at the forefront of his journey: "Do you know about the Flint Water Crisis?"


Jason Booth

Twelve years ago, Jason Booth spent his days contracting and his evenings hovered over a work bench in the workshop behind his family home. His desk was littered with lumber from the trunks of walnut, eastern cedar, pecan and oak trees, the beacon of Booth’s dream. However, his desire to revolutionize guitar-making presented significant obstacles -- obstacles that taught him the value in failure. Booth’s dedication to his unique, novel ambition came to life in the form of Deadwood Guitars, Inc. Fueled by the same individuality that inspired Booth 12 years prior, his business works to empower other creatives to pursue their dreams.


China Duncanson

Embracing new places and meeting people from all over the world are exciting constants in the life of UGA sophomore China Duncanson. When she’s not studying international affairs here in Athens, Duncanson journeys far and wide as she pursues her career in modeling, having opportunites such as traveling to London to represent, a British online fashion store. Along the way she has met models, photographers and wardrobe assistants from every corner of the globe. To be surrounded by such inspiring peers and colleagues in the industry and to share in their love for art and fashion makes it all worthwhile for Duncanson. 

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