On Tuesday, Ciné hosted its fifth drive-in movie feature of the summer. What started as an idea for a new revenue stream amidst the pandemic has resulted in three sold-out showings and a new way for Athenians to experience their local theater.

A different movie is shown every week — this week featured the 1975 film, “Jaws.” Ciné also provides a concession tent, where visitors can purchase beverages and snacks like popcorn, and a weekly variety of food vendors including Nedza’s.

Executive director of Ciné, Pamela Kohn, said she wanted to “make the community feel like they had a place to go to safely watch movies.” She plans on continuing the showings through the rest of the summer and possibly into the fall. Whether or not the drive-in becomes an annual event, Ciné hopes to use the portable infrastructure for pop-ups and special occasions in the future.