Nordista Freeze has played in Athens before, one of many places he’s stopped during his tours. He’s performed more than 400 shows, he told the Georgia Theatre audience on Wednesday, Sept. 11. But, who’s counting? “This is the biggest room we’ve ever played,” he said. “Thank you for being here for this.” The Nashville-based psychedelic pop singer also announced midnight marked his 23rd birthday, and the show felt like a celebration, despite Freeze’s insistence he doesn’t like birthdays. But with cake smeared on his face, belting into a microphone, it was hard to believe him. Freeze seemed almost surprised by his audience, who knew many of the words to his songs and danced along with almost as much energy as the singer himself. Equipped with a tambourine, he never stopped moving, even jumping into the audience and (almost) off the balcony. This set was the culmination of a four-band lineup at the Georgia Theatre Wednesday night, which included Athens-based bands Wanderwild, Grand Vapids and the Great Northern, all of which brought a different genre to the stage.

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