On Nov. 7, Created Equal, an anti-abortion organization, set up multiple large-scale image displays that showed graphic anti-abortion images. The "victim images" were placed between Miller Learning Center and Tate Student Center, a highly frequented area by UGA students walking to and from class. Members were equipped with body cameras in order to document if their displays were vandalized. Organizations such as Young Democrats of UGA and Urge counter protested against Created Equal by congregating across the Tate Lawn with posters.

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The pro-life woman, Lexie, is gorgeous. The pro-abortion protestors are hideous. Coincidence? I think not! Oh, and LOL @ the "this is what a feminist looks like" beta male. That's exactly what I expected: Low-test and pathetic. He just radiates soy next to those barnyard animals he's trying to get with.

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