University Police arrested a Bulldogs inside linebacker on charges of DUI and underage possession or consumption of alcohol Nov. 8 at 11:41 p.m. after an officer clocked him traveling 40 mph on River Road where the speed limit is 25 mph, according to a report.

The officer pulled Matthew Carlton Stagg, 18, over by the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity house and reportedly explained to Stagg why he was being pulled over.

Stagg explained that he had thought the speed limit was 35 mph and apologized saying that he was going to pick up his friend, according to the report.

The officer could reportedly “smell a strong odor which [he] associated with an alcoholic beverage which seemed to be emenating from the passenger side of the vehicle.”

He also reportedly noticed “the [Stagg’s] eyes were glassy in appearance” and the driver appeared nervous as he seemed talkative” and “his hands and arms were at times shaking.”

The officer asked Stagg twice how much he had to drink that night, but Stagg denied drinking anything both times and then said “that his passenger had been drinking.”

The officer reportedly asked Stagg to exit the the vehicle and noticed “he seemed to hold onto the roof of the vehicle and the door as he stood up.”

Stagg consented to a sobriety test and a state breathalyzer test, according to the report.

He reportedly blew a 0.061 and a 0.062 in two separate breathalyzer tests at the University Police Department.

Stagg was transported to Clarke County Jail.

The Red & Black was unable to reach Stagg for comment on the incident.

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Doesn't matter what you blow, if they believe you are impaired you can get a DUI or a similar lesser charge. That's why even if you are below a .08 you should never consent to the field tests because they can use its ambiguity to support intoxication... And if you smoked weed any time in the past two weeks you're fucked because simply having metabolites means you are legally intoxicated.


It is .08 if you are 21. The article stated he was 18. Which means zero tolerance.


Thought legal limit was .08? He blew way under that, right? Soooo where's the DUI? Barney Fife should get that reduced to speeding! Article said nothing about swerving or driving recklessly. Still a good life lesson for the kid. Things could have been much worse.


i understand the importance of keeping drunk drivers off the road but give me a break 0.0062 what is that 1 beer if you pulled over 90% of georgia big shot leaders they would probably have a drink or two with their meals and register that.give me a break barney and follow him home or take him home,WTF hope tha kid will remember tha boys in blue are no they do no wrong themselves.

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