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Natalie McClure, advertising director for The Red & Black since 2008, has been announced as the new general manager of the The Red & Black. File/Staff

Members of the Red and Black board welcome the reinstatement of Editor-in-Chief Polina Marinova and Managing Editor Julia Carpenter. We look forward to the editors and their staff resuming production of one of the nation’s top student news organizations.

As a board, we reiterate our commitment to student journalism and The Red and Black as a training ground. We want to be clear that students have editorial control over the contents of our publications with no prior review.

As a board we are committed to adding students to our membership as provided in our by-laws and discussed during our summer meeting.

We also assert our continued confidence in Publisher Harry Montevideo and the professional staff he has assembled. We added to that staff recently to improve the learning experience we offer our student journalists.

We students dedicate ourselves to timely, accurate, fair and ethical journalism for which The Red and Black is known and which is essential to the University community. As journalists, it went against our instinct and training to walk out of a newsroom on deadline. We extend an apology to those who were adversely affected.

All of us - student, staff and board - plan to move forward in a new era of open communication.

Elliott Brack, Chair of Red and Black Board

Melita Easters, Vice Chair of Red and Black Board

Polina Marinova, Red and Black Editor in Chief

Julia Carpenter, Red and Black Managing Editor

Harry Montevideo, Red and Black Publisher

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