As snowstorms pummeled much of the Southeast this weekend, many University students woke up today to discover the elusive precipitation had blanketed campus and the rest of town.

"It's about time we got snow," said Ben Wineski, a sophomore from Decatur. "We haven't had snow like this in years."

University administrators canceled classes for the campus for all of Monday, Tom Jackson, vice president for public affairs, said Sunday night.

Meanwhile, the hard weather blitzed through Athens, a town that rarely sees such inclement weather, as broken power lines, fallen trees, skidding cars and thick snow created a dangerous maze for drivers to travel.

This storm marks the first time for most University students to see snow in Athens - the last time a snowstorm came through town was Jan. 30, 2005.

For some, the weather was a surprise for those acclimated to warmer climates.

"I live in Savannah, so this is really exciting," said sophomore Rebecca Brown, who peered outside from an open doorway with a camera wrapped around her neck, preparing to take photos for a photography class. "It's so beautiful and so delicate. I hope there's icicles."

"I've never actually seen snow falling from the sky," said Mathew Read, a senior from Canberra, Australia.

"I wasn't expecting much, but it was amazing...I hadn't seen this much snow since I moved from New York, so I felt nostalgic," said Hugo Mendez, a master's student from Dallas, Ga.

For some, the snow was a return to childhood, and many made plans to enjoy the day.

"I'm about to take a huge cookie sheet from my dorm and slide down the biggest hill I can find," said Mikella Rutter, a sophomore from Snellville. "I think I'll try O-House."

"I enjoyed treating the snow like a Slip-N-Slide on the East Campus quad," said Cory McCollum, a junior from Myrtle Beach, S.C.

"I'm pretty happy about the snow -- I'm gonna go downtown and go to the second story of Starbucks. I want to see how it looks from downtown. This is going to be a relaxing day," said Jordan Tate, a senior from Peachtree City.

For others, the frenetic changes only added to the enigma of Georgia's weather patterns.

"It's weird because of the temperature changes. It was like 70 degrees just a few days ago and now it's snowing? I thought it was finally going to stay warm," said Josh Mosley, a senior from Kingsport, Tenn.

"I think it's a wonderful welcome change because it's beautiful and for once it's not just cold," said Seth Acuff, a senior from Oklahoma City, Okla. "I feel vindicated for enduring this nasty weather."

- Contributing: Vivian Giang, Carolyn Crist, Dallas Duncan, Shanessa Fakour and Carey O'Neil


- If power's out: 1-888-891-0938

- If water pipes freeze: 613-3500

- To find out if school's canceled: ( or tune in to local radio stations

- Athens-Clarke police: 613-3330

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