On January 2nd, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a University of Georgia graduate, congresswoman, and representative of Georgia’s 14th district, was banned from Twitter for “repeated violations of [their] COVID-19 misinformation policy.” Facebook quickly followed suit.

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As a new year begins, so does the start of yet another election season. This will be the first midterm election under President Joe Biden, with one-third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives on the ballot. With the balance of power for the entire Congress up for grabs, this …

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In this opinion article, contributor Emma Griffin argues that if the University of Georgia won't enforce mask mandates on buses, students and the university community must take the initiative to wear masks on their own.

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Millions of commuters, businesses and various forms of transportation are using mostly nonrenewable resources for energy. We are slowly moving towards renewable sources, but as carbon emissions increase and the threat of climate change looms over the horizon, we need to speed up the process.