Need to impress someone that lives clear across the world?

Why not start your own blog and write about your experiences, interests and opinions?

I have been an avid reader and writer of blogs for the past two years, but it was not until last May when I was applying for internships that I realized how beneficial a blog page really is.

In my first attempt at a phone interview for an internship in New York City, my greeting was the only confident part of my conversation - the rest was a mixture of stuttering, rambling or just blanking out the English language completely.

Until I mentioned my blog, that is.

The interviewer asked for my blog Web site address, pulled it up on her computer screen and was then able to view and validate my virtual personality.

I was no longer a bumbling wreck of nerves and stammers, but I suddenly became a passionate candidate that controlled my own medium to be heard.

Although I did not take that internship, I began referencing my blog in the rest of my phone interviews and received wonderful feedback, followed by job offers.

And in no time, I was on my way to an internship where I created and headed up the blog of their organization.

Not only is a blog a great way to express you personality when you are not meeting face-to-face, but it also offers you the opportunity to explore your imagination and document profound moments in your life worth remembering such as travelling or learning a new hobby.

Currently, I am following Dan Grec, an Australian man that is living his dream to travel the top of Alaska to the bottom of South America; meanwhile he documents the details of his journey with pictures and personal stories at It is fascinating to see how one man is utilizing a blog to stay connected with himself, his family and everyone he meets along the way.

"It gives me a purpose on this trip, to make sure I always keep my eyes open and take everything in," said Grec in a 'blog interview.'

People you have never met will feel like they know you-it gives you the chance to inspire, educate and entertain a public that admires what you have to say.

There are over 50 user-friendly blogging service providers online, the most popular being and that make blogging easy to activate, update and personalize.

New to the blog world? Bear in mind a few tips to start your blog with a bang:

Be dynamic in your subject matter.

In order to attract a diverse group of readers, you must have a universal topic-environmentalism, relationship advice or hunting represent strong topics.

Be creative. Choose a name that encompasses the subject and personality of your blog, for example, Dan Grec's blog about his jeep travels is called, The Road Chose Me.

Be patient. Wait until your blog has at least five entries, a complete profile and a few engaging pictures - a first impression means everything and your goal is to keep your readers coming back for more.

Be passionate. Talk about something you're actually excited about versus something you're trying to get into - loving versus learning is important to consider.

"My advice about blogging is to simply get in there and give it a try," said Grec. "It's amazing how many people around the world will find your site and share their thoughts as well."

Blogging is the new telephone, the new journal and the newest and most creative way to network and impress upon someone that lives in Switzerland that you are the perfect person for the job.

- Kori Price is a senior from Glenns Ferry, Idaho majoring in newspapers.

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