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With news reporting under fire and many college papers struggling, supporting college media nationwide is of utmost importance.

The Red & Black has been covering critical issues since 1893 and now celebrates 125 years of publication. From coeducation and integration to the Vietnam war and grade scandals in athletics, we have covered important stories for the University of Georgia community.

We gained independence from UGA in 1980, which has allowed us even greater freedom to publish uncensored content and keep the university accountable. One such example can be found in this week's issue where we cover how a sexual misconduct case was handled at UGA.

As a part of our twofold mission, The Red & Black not only serves its community as an independent news source but also serves as a training ground for students who will become the next generation of journalists. As I prepare to graduate next week, I joke that everything I know I learned at The Red & Black, but in a lot of ways it’s true.

The Daily Campus, the student-run newspaper covering Southern Methodist University, recently announced it has to re-affiliate with its university. The Daily Campus is not the only student-run newspaper to face this issue, but it is the most recent one to go back to its university due to lack of funding.

To support student journalism in a time where journalism is most needed and most struggling, The Independent Florida Alligator started a social media campaign to #SaveStudentNewsrooms as a part of the “unofficial” Support Student Journalism Day that is taking place on April 25.

The Red & Black takes great pride in its independence, as it has provided us with a sense of agency and legitimacy to serve the community without fear of censorship and restrictions. But independence comes with great financial cost. The paper receives no student activity fees or other funding from UGA.

We need support from our community to continue to fulfill our mission. The best way to help is to pick up our weekly paper every Thursday, follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and read our daily online content to help keep you informed.

For alumni of The Red & Black, we encourage you to share how this student publication has made a difference in your life with #SaveStudentNewsrooms or become a Red & Black member and have the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting the future of journalism.

We could not exist without our dedicated readers, and we thank you for turning to The Red & Black, whether for breaking news or to celebrate a Rose Bowl victory.

Lisee Pullara on the behalf of The Red & Black 

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