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Jon Ossoff poses with rally-goers at a campaign event before the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo/Courtesy)

Getting a degree from a public college or a historically Black college shouldn’t require a penny of debt. Period. That’s why in the U.S. Senate I’ll work to make public college and HBCU tuition 100% debt-free.

Education should expand opportunity, not saddle us with debt. No American should have to take on crushing long-term financial obligations to get a degree and pursue our dreams.

Expanding access to higher education is in America’s vital national interest. The United States absolutely has the resources to strengthen the Pell Grant program and to ensure tuition at public colleges and HBCUs is debt-free.

My opponent, Senator David Perdue, will say Washington can’t afford to make this investment in college affordability. Perdue twice voted against letting borrowers refinance their federal and private student loans at lower federal rates. Perdue even voted to let debt collectors continue to take huge sums of money straight out of graduates’ wages.

Washington always finds money for corporate bailouts, war or subsidies for powerful political donors. But when it’s proposed that we invest in expanding opportunity or health for ordinary people, suddenly politicians like Perdue say the country ran out of money.

Our national resources are not unlimited. It’s about priorities. And college affordability must be among our highest — because college affordability is a crisis.

In the past 12 years, tuition at Georgia’s public colleges and universities has gone up nearly 75%. Sixty-nine percent of 2019 graduates had to take on debt, averaging $30,000 in student loans. Today, almost 45 million Americans have a combined $1.6 trillion in student loan debt!

Past generations simply didn’t face these skyrocketing tuition costs and debt burdens. It’s not right. And it’s not just tuition crushing student budgets. Since 1977, the cost of textbooks has risen an astonishing 1,041%.

One thousand forty-one percent!

For Georgians who have already graduated and are struggling to pay off their loans, I support a partial forgiveness program, caps on interest rates to relieve financial stress for all borrowers and linking federal student loan repayments to income so that paying off these loans is never a source of financial hardship.

In addition to making public college and HBCU tuition debt-free, I’ll work to make job training and vocational school free for all. A skilled workforce is vital to our national strength and competitiveness.

Vocational skills and technical training are a ladder to good wages and a middle-class standard of living for Georgians currently making too little in the service sector or the gig economy. This is about expanding opportunity!

There’s so much at stake in this election. Please make sure you’re registered to vote in Georgia. The registration deadline is October 5. If you plan to vote by mail, request your absentee ballot today! Don’t wait. The details are at ElectJon.com/voting, or you can text VOTE to 51015. If you plan to vote in-person, Early Voting in Georgia opens on October 12.

Bring your friends and roommates. Talk to your classmates about voting and make sure they are registered to vote. These elections will be close, and every vote will count.

I hope I will earn your support.

I wish you and your families good health.

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Many of the elitist “private” colleges and universities in this country today beg for money from wealthy donors and the Federal Government as well, but discriminate in accepting only elitist students. This discrimination against the public which largely finances them must change. Even if all college age students were given a chance at any schools, only some will have the will and intelligence to make it to graduation ceremonies or more. But some will and they should be given the chance even at top schools. But they are shut out of many now. Even if an Ivy League school says it is private, it is likely not private any more. Some have billions of dollars in the bank too.

All students must be provided a chance for higher education but the standards must be maintained to end the opportunity for those who will not make the sacrifice to do the hard work necessary for success.

The partying must end and all students must be challenged to go to work every day to succeed. Nearly

all administrators like presidents are over paid. Morehead makes over $ 1 million. Stop paying these outrageous sums to them. Some might even work nearly for free if asked. When I was a student at UC Berkeley I lived at with a group where students worked 5 hours a week to keep costs down. We also had no cars either since there were no parking spaces. These are just examples. This politician is long on words but short on details.


That's cool. But Jon, how are all these salaries @ UGA gonna get paid? You gonna break out a printing press and roll out a few million? Tax the heck outta people I suppose ...

Look it up. State employee compensation are open records ...


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