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Sanford Stadium's seating blocks handicapped fans' view, making it hard to enjoy the game.

My name is Marjorie McCaw Rogers. I am very pleased to be a University of Georgia graduate. I graduated with a degree in journalism in 1975 and graduated from Law school in 1978. In the many years since graduating, I have enjoyed regularly attending football games. In fact, my husband and I are season ticket holders.

A year ago, I was injured when a young man hit me with a car as I was walking across a street. I was hospitalized for a while and I’m still participating in rehabilitation for my injuries. Getting to go to a football game was the most exciting experience for me because I was able to attend a University of Georgia game in the handicapped accessible area located in the West endzone. Go Dogs! This was my first time attending a University of Georgia game since my injury. Though this was exciting, the experience taught me how the seating in Sanford Stadium does not meet the needs of handicapped people.

I always knew they had handicapped seating in the stadium. However, I never realized how much they were impacted by the people sitting in front of them. I noticed that the students in the regular seating stood on the bleachers rather than the floor which blocked the view of everyone sitting in the handicapped area. When I was a student, I never thought about the people sitting in the handicapped area. I never thought about their needs being met or not met. One might think that the people sitting in the handicapped area could just stand as well, but that is not the case. The truth is, before my injury I always sat right behind the Georgia football team on the 30th row. I never had to think about individuals who were handicapped. I always assumed they were being taken care of and could see the game with no problem.

I love University of Georgia and always will! I don’t know what changes need to be made, but am willing to assist with coming up with suggestions.

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