The ingredients and utensils (butter, bread, paper towels, a spatula and a knife) that Charlie Williams, an 18-year-old University of Georgia mechanical engineering student from Bowdon, Georgia, uses to prepare grilled cheese sandwiches in his dorm room on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2018 in Oglethorpe House in Athens, Georgia. Williams sells grilled cheese sandwiches, Nutella melts, quesadillas and Nutella crepes out of his dorm room, which he delivers to other students living in the residence hall. (Photo/Christina R. Matacotta, crmatacotta@gmail.com)

I am writing this letter to support Charlie Williams and his awesome creativity, passion and desire to provide tasty, hot, delectable grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas and Nutella delights to the residents of Oglethorpe House.

While I understand the UGA Housing Department has its rules and regulations like any institution, exceptions should be made for an aspiring entrepreneur in my opinion.

Is attending a college or major university not a place where one can grow and discover who they really are and what they want to do with their life? Is it not a place where acceptance and creativity is not encouraged and nurtured?

Or is it a place where one's idealism is squashed like an insect when they dare go up against the omnipotent bureaucracy of an institution that is supposed to be a hotbed of exploration and adventure?

As evidenced by the UGA Housing Department’s recent decision to shut down Williams’s grilled cheese operations, it appears to be the latter.

Could it possibly be that they are worried that this competition might compete with O Houses meal plan numbers or that it might dissuade other students from signing up for the meal plan?

How dare I have the audacity to even mention that possibility!

Well I just want to say I’ve got your back, Charlie. I am in your corner and want to encourage other like minded students to start an online petition and stand up for your rights. Don’t let anyone push you around!

And furthermore, let me add that grilled cheese sandwiches are an integral and essential part of the very fabric and essence of this country.

This is a clarion call to action to ignite the passion everyone has for grilled cheese sandwiches!

We must protect the sanctity of this rite of passage for the grilled cheese and all the repercussions that follow!

Who knows? Perhaps down the road UGA Housing may try and set up housing in Charlie Williams’s Grilled Cheese Empire.

(According to my calculations, I still have more to add at this juncture so let me further elaborate if you would be so kind as to indulge me.)

Are there more important things going on in this world than Charlie Williams Grilled Cheese Massacre?

Of course there are, but you are missing the point here which is that this is to all current UGA students, this is your time to protest, rise up and speak about anything you are passionate about. There is no greater feeling or sense of purpose than speaking out and fighting for what you believe in.

So my fellow grilled cheese crusaders, it's time to pick up the grill handle and assume control. I'm not advocating violence or destruction by any means, but I'm asking you to find your passion and purpose in life.   

For some of you like my good friend Charlie, you are fortunate to know what that passion in your life is, but for many of you it may be a few years or even decades down the road.

I would like to end this letter on a positive note and suggestion to Charlie. Why not meet with the head of UGA Food Services and see if they have any interest in letting you make your creations on a grill in their kitchen and paying you or working out a licensing agreement?

Or finding someone to finances your concept? Or you can always finish school and pursue this afterwards?

Whatever you decide, just remember: This is your life and yours alone.

Best of luck, Charlie!

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and to you, UGAisHELL... find another school, JackASS


at UGAmom217... Get a grip on life! You are trolling your child's school. How else would you find this article? Do something worth while. Go volunteer. Stop helicoptering. ZZZzzzz. You are borrring.


Wow, harsh words from the other commenters who apparently think Charlie is immature enough and while inadvertently harm their precious little daughter in some freak fire accident. Sue-happy helicopter parents.

I think the rule against running a business out of your dorm is ridiculous. I kept thinking back to how Dell was founded in a dorm room. Not saying that grilled cheese sandwiches are on the same level of a budding computer company, but the same principle applies.

Let the kid be an entrepreneur. Colleges are supposed to foster creativity and success, and to shut down this because he's using a hotplate is beyond foolish, and utterly hypocritical.


As a parent of a UGA student, allow me to assure you that when my child dies in a dorm fire because Charlie fell asleep at his griddle, and I find out that housing knew Charlie was running a business out of his dorm room, I will sue the university into the next century and own a couple of buildings. This is why housing doesn't allow students to run businesses in buildings desginated for housing. I admire Charlie's passion and would suggest your time would be better spent sponsoring a GoFund Me page to get Charlie a food truck.


Not only that, but if I got food poisoning because Charlie decided to be "fancy", first I'd sue him for the medical charges and then I'd sue Housing for allowing him to continue. I'm glad he's shut down. It goes to show that nobody is above the rules and a contract is a binding document.


Y'all, chill.


Find another school.


Your poor child. You should find something else to do with your time. You are that parent who made everything boring.

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