Univ. lacks help for mentally-ill students

“We are dedicated to helping you with your concerns by listening to you deeply and with an objective ear, helping you make better decisions in your life, and helping you examine your thoughts and behaviors to see what needs to be changed to help you maximize your potential.” So says the introductory paragraph of the University of Georgia Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) website.

Yet they were completely unwilling to complete an intake with me, even though students are supposed to have a certain allotment of visits by paying their student health center fees.

Certainly, I have a mental health diagnosis and a history of treatment, but all I needed was a few sessions to clear my head. I have approximately 70 hours committed to school, work and my internship each week and I just needed a strategy session.

I think this exemplifies the stigma of having a major mental illness, whereby universities want to simply deny service to those most in need because they don’t want to be culpable if something were to happen. Similarly to the majority of the mentally ill, I don't want to hurt myself or anyone else.

I don’t need to be in long-term counseling. I manage my illness with grace and efficiency. I'm sure they are more than willing to write plenty of prescriptions for ADD medications and listen to the petty concerns of the “worried well” of our student body.



Graduate Student, Athens

Social work

Rich's column full of factual errors

Jonathan Rich's Nov. 10 column entitled “Israelis must stop attacking Palestinians” is riddled with factual errors and distorts the historical conflict as well as facts on the ground.  Jews have settled on that “disputed” land for over 4,000 years and from day one have been yearning and striving for peace.

In 1948, the Palestinians were offered a state of their own via the U.N. partition plan thus creating the 23rd Arab state along with Israel, the only Jewish state. Instead they joined with their Arab brethren in waging five wars of aggression to drive the Jews into the sea.

They would rather kill their own children through suicide bombings and as human shields when firing thousands of Kassam and Katyusha rockets at civilian targets, rather than build a nation state with peace. Their aggression occurred before 1967 when their was no Israeli presence in the West Bank or Gaza, before the 1948 partition, before the 1926 Balfour Declaration ... before there was any stretch of a pretext for what is their baseless hatred.

The Arab nations have kept their brothers and sisters in refugee camps for over 60 years, denying them basic rights of citizenship and this includes camps in the West Bank, as well as in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, rather than integrating them into the general population as civilized nations do.

In the Arab world there is no freedom of speech or of the press. Women and minorities are second class and routinely mistreated.

It is only in Israel where Holy sites are protected and where these freedoms exist for all people of all religions. Israel's 20 percent Arab population have full rights of citizenship, vote and serve as elected members of the Knesset (national parliament), while the Arab world is Judenrein (Jew-free).

The Palestinians are led by a Holocaust denier who continue to poison their people through anti-Jewish incitement in their schools and mosques.  It would behoove Mr. Rich to visit Israel and see first hand the many risks Israel has taken and continues to take for a true and lasting peace with her neighbors.



Former Georgia State Representative

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