Protesters march up College Ave. with their signs at the Unite Against Asian Hate rally in downtown Athens on Saturday, April 3, 2021. The rally was organized by the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement as a call to the African American, Latinx, Asian and all other marginalized communities and their allies to come together in solidarity. (Photo/Lora Yordanova)

Racial solidarity is essential to overcome the blatant and systemic racism in our country. As a Black person, seeing Black people participate in anti-Asian hate and violence is infuriating.

A recent article published by Time Magazine shows a trend of some Black people attacking Asian Americans. Rather than participating in these disgusting attacks, we, as a Black community, must stand with our fellow Asian citizens in solidarity.

Asian Americans and Black people have had a long history of fighting against racism and white supremacy. Black civil rights champions like Rev. Jesse Jackson and leaders of the NAACP brought attention to the murder of Vincent Chin in 1982. Frederick Douglass advocated for Chinese and Japanese immigration in the late 1800s.

The solidarity among Asian and Black Americans should continue. As people of color, this is the time for us to unite to fight for racial equality and justice.

Interracial divisions between Black and Asian Americans are only feeding into the trap of systemic racism, as interracial divisions only increase inequality and fuel the rhetoric of those who advocate and contribute to the ongoing racist practices in the United States.

The celebration of Black and Asian division is evident through diabolic people like Andrew Sullivan, a political commentator who claimed Black people are “most likely” to commit hate crimes in America. An article entitled “Asians: Stop blaming Whitey,” published in the demonstratively dangerous Norfolk Daily News, also claimed that Black people are the proponent of hate crimes, calling Asian Americans ignorant and stating they should stop blaming “Whitey” (meaning white people) for Anti-Asian hate.

In turn, this discourse only stirs a cycle of division among different racial minority groups, when there is potential for Black and Asian Americans to recognize the racist policies in our country and sympathize with one another on the dire issues of injustice.

According to a recent Brookings report, half of Asian Americans across ten different national-origin groups recognize commonality with Black Americans regarding government, political power, and representation. 70% of Korean Americans, in particular, agree the government should do more to protect the civil rights of Black Americans.

Additionally, a 2020 Pew Research Center survey found that Black Americans are more likely than white and Hispanic Americans to recognize racism toward Asian Americans.

The point of this article is not to blame anyone or any race but to acknowledge that Black people do participate in Anti-Asian hate and vice versa, and these disgusting, dehumanizing attacks have to stop now.

I urge my fellow people, Black people, to do what we can and act when we can to be a part of the force that stops anti-Asian violence. We should donate to the AAPI and volunteer to escort elderly Asians and voice against people using racist slang toward Asians.

We are fighting an ongoing battle to end the racist ideologies, practices and attacks that have impacted our lives and communities throughout American history. The only way to win this battle is solidarity, not hate.