Various marketing reference books are piled high at the UGA Main Library in Athens, Georgia. (Photo: Dori Butler)

If you’ve been born and raised in American culture, you’ve likely been steeped in the sneaky persuasiveness of marketers. Ads use personal cookie data to entice you to buy items you recently searched for online. Emails litter your university accounts promising cheap prices for textbooks. It’s been happening since you were old enough to use the internet. Now it’s time to use the principles of marketing to your favor.

No matter what your major is at the University of Georgia, anyone can benefit from learning the basics of marketing. Either you can put the basics to good use during the next job search or use them to realize when you’re being marketed towards.

For many of us, figuring out what the plan is after graduation brings about a fit of anxiety. Most of this stems from the fact that attaining a job and thus a means of living is uncertain. However, by understanding how to make yourself marketable and irresistible to hiring managers, you can increase the likelihood of getting a job after graduation.

But why wait till then? The skill of self-marketing can be cultivated during your time at UGA. The Career Center offers mock interviews, or fake job interviews, to help students understand where their weaknesses are and help them improve. Being able to market yourself allows you to be a more effective interviewee and land the job or internship you want. No need to subsist on ramen and plasma donations after graduation.

However, getting the job doesn’t mean that you’re free from the realm of marketing. If you have any form of income, someone will want to dip into that. Sneaky marketers know to make their own products irresistible to you, thus making you more likely to spend money on their products. For example, companies use social media data to hone the specificity of ads to certain demographics.

You will inevitably be on both sides of the marketing realm: the marketer and the marketed towards. By understanding how marketing works, you can realize when it is happening or when you should use it to work in your favor.

Educate yourself while at UGA. Enroll in or audit a marketing class. Read the multitude of books offered at the UGA Main Library. With the availability of educational resources at your disposal, it’s too good of a deal to miss out on.

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