Studying in spring

Both spring and fall semesters bring their own set of challenges and fun opportunities, and UGA students weighed in on their favorite.

For the studious among us who try to study at the Miller Learning Center (MLC) or Tate Student Center before 5 p.m., you know it’s miserable to search for a free study spot. There usually aren’t any, because it seems like all 37,000 students at the University of Georgia cram into these buildings.

This is why students must find their own niche places to study on campus. It not only frees up the already packed study hubs on campus but can even improve cognitive recall as they switch to multiple locations. Below are a few suggestions for places student may not have studied before.

Ecology Turtle Pond

In front of the Odum School of Ecology is a rectangular body of water. Crouch near the edge of the water and you’ll be greeted by about three or four curious turtles.

While you probably shouldn’t feed the turtles, you can feed your bustling student mind by studying on the cement railings surrounding the pond. Any student can settle down, read notes or watch educational videos in an outdoor setting.  

Founder’s Garden

Keeping in the spirit of outdoor studying, the Founder’s Garden allows you to unplug and enjoy two and a half acres of greenery. Students may walk the stone pathways to find a secluded bench or opt to lay in a patch of grass. No matter where they decide to sit, the Founder’s Garden will rarely have as much foot traffic as MLC or Tate, giving students the peace to deeply focus on their work.

Red Clay Cafe in Joe Frank Harris Commons

Why go to Starbucks and Jittery Joe’s when you can go to a less trafficked coffee shop on campus? Grab some coffee and grab a table to write a paper or do your reading assignments. If you’re feeling peckish, you can order a sandwich from the shop or head over to the dining hall located within the building. Though Red Clay Cafe is only open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., tables are available outside the cafe as long as Joe Frank Harris is open.

Claim your own study spot

With over 465 buildings on 762 acres, students can pick many more places to study than MLC, Tate or even the on-campus libraries. By branching out and finding new study spots, you get to see more of UGA than you would if you stuck to the traditional study hubs. Branch out and explore what this campus has to offer.

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