The Georgia Tech marching band walks onto the field before the University of Georgia football team plays Georgia Institute of Technology at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday, November 25, 2017. (Photo/Jane Snyder, www.janemarysnyder.com)

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Imagine my surprise when I, the workaholic opinion editor for The Red & Black, found another company’s newspaper outside our office building on Nov. 25.

And imagine my further surprise when I discovered this paper was none other than "To Hell With Georgia," Georgia Tech’s student newspaper Technique’s annual satirization of The Red & Black. The paper comes out during rivalry week, featuring the century-long, clean old-fashioned hate between Georgia and Georgia Tech.

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Upon reflection, I realize I shouldn’t have been surprised. Of course Tech would take pettiness to a whole new level. It’s the brand, after all. But as the football apath that I am, I haven’t been keeping up with the Georgia-Georgia Tech football rivalry (I know, a blasphemous statement as a Bulldog).

Yet there I was, holding several decades’ worth of “Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate” in my hands.

As I flipped through their stale redneck jokes and try-hard “humor” pieces, I wondered: How did we get here?

Apparently, The Red & Black has had its own share of satirical newspapers. Our newspaper ran it’s evil twin, The Rude & Bleak, annually throughout the 1970s-90s.

These satire paper sometimes poke fun at Tech, and even had a “To Hell With Tech” issue on Nov. 19, 1993. There were a few gems like “Crecine: Lack of balls and job a real problem,” poking fun at Tech's former president John Patrick Crecine.

There’s also “Tech alumni live to be lazy and bring dead back to life,” satirizing a GT’s alumni’s job at the cryogenic freezing company Death Be Not Proud, Inc. The alumni’s goal was to make Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg fight in an epic showdown.  


The “To Hell With Tech” edition of “The Red & Black,” an independent student newspaper in Athens, Georgia, published on Friday, Nov. 19, 1993. Photographed on Monday, Nov. 26, 2018. (Photo/Rebecca Wright)

But our last satirical paper was around the '90s, according to our archives. If there have been any issues since, it hasn’t been within the last five years when the current editorial staff would know about it. That’s probably because, you know, we have better things to do.

Georgia Tech also has better things to do, like nurse the wounds from being pummeled in the game on Nov. 24. What was the score again? 45-21 in Georgia's favor? Oh that's right.

There are lots of things that should be left in the 20th century. Boofing, for one. And wasting trees to fuel a newspaper rivalry The Red & Black doesn’t care about (except on our Sports page).

Maybe it’s best to leave our old-fashioned hate on the football field during our annual clash and act like adults in the meantime. 

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