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Student talking to prospective employer. September 17, 2014 (Photo/Tyler Cain)  

The popular phrase, “More money, more problems,” often does not apply to college students. To avoid financial hardship and to aid in future job-hunts, students should get a part-time job this semester.

Sometimes, students who get jobs don’t have a choice. According to the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities, Georgia is on of seven states where college tuition rose more than 60 percent in the last ten years.

While financial aid has also risen, it often falls short of covering the extraneous cost of college. With books, computers, the plentiful places to eat and drink around Athens and frequent music shows populating Athens nightlife, part-time jobs on campus provide the most accessible way for students to pay for the extraneous costs of college life.

Even if students are in a position to live comfortably without a part-time job, they should still seek one out. Part-time jobs offer resume and character building benefits that cannot be found in class or in extra-curricular activities. For example, customer service jobs, such as those of front-desk workers, improve interpersonal and speaking skills along.

Part-time jobs in college offer post-graduate benefits as well. Employers are more likely to pick students with work experience, as these students typically show heightened time-management skills and the ability to handle multiple responsibilities. Some studies show that working part-time correlate with a higher GPA.

The University of Georgia has made it easy for students to find jobs on campus. On Aug. 15, the Career Center will be hosting their Part-time Job and Internship Fair in Tate Grand Hall. The event will run from 11pm to 2:30pm, and interested students are asked to arrive dressed business-professional and bring multiple copies of their resumes.

If students miss the event, though, there are other options available. Handshake allows UGA students and alumni to search jobs on- or off-campus jobs, narrowing down positions by year, major, salary, and other specifications.

Other on-campus organizations typically hire year round. UGA dining services employs over 900 students, offering an initial salary of $7.90 an hour with merit-based raise opportunities. UGA Transit is another viable option for students. Qualified candidates can earn one of the top-paying on-campus salaries available for students.

If you have further questions about on-campus employment, you can contact Aaron Brown, the student employment manager of the UGA Career Center.

There are dozens of locations students can work on campus. Take advantage of on-campus opportunities to make money, build a resume, and gain marketable skills for after graduation.

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