Climate Change Graphic

Politicians have known climate change will be a major threat to humanity since the ‘80s, but they continue to do nothing but watch the world burn.

I’m used to Republicans handling climate change discourse poorly, but I never thought I’d see it from Democrats.

Jay Inslee, a climate change focused 2020 presidential candidate, had asked the Democratic National Committee to hold a climate change specific debate, according to Rolling Stone. The DNC responded that they will hold no such debate and that any Democratic presidential candidate for 2020 will be barred from future debates if they host their own climate change debate.

I couldn’t believe such pigheadedness on such an important election after Trump’s considerable anti-climate policies. I expect more from the DNC. They need to stop whatever nonsense reasons for halting the debate and allow candidates to address the largest threat to humanity — climate change.

Tom Perez, the chair of the DNC, stated that it’s not practical to use one of the 12 sanctioned democratic debates on a single issue, as supposedly other debates will be used in such a manner. Barring the slippery-slope fallacy at work, the statement also fails to realize that climate change is not a single issue.

The Democrats most likely won’t hold a debate on whether climate change is real or not, as statistics from the Pew Research Center show liberals are the group most likely to believe in the reality of climate change.

Rather, climate change is going to have pernicious effects on the economy, domestic and international migration patterns, ecology, disaster preparedness, agriculture, jobs and a variety of other issues. The president of the United States will be responsible for handling these broad issues as they come, so voters must know what candidates’ politics for climate change preparedness are before they enter the office.

Climate change is rising among concerns for both parties, but 68% of Democrats view climate change as their number one priority, according to the Pew Research Center There’s a democratic majority for people wanting to talk about climate change. So it doesn’t make sense for the DNC to bar a climate change debate. Climate change is not a single issue but a prodigious culmination of numerous issues.

The DNC messed up, but that doesn’t mean they can’t undo their decision and still hold a debate. With the climate and presidential election both heating up, the 2020 presidential candidates must talk about climate change.