October 12, 2016, Athens, Georgia - With the rise of the production of visual albums by large artists, more students are changing the way they consume their music. Logan Taylor, a 20 year old EMST major from Marietta, walks outside of the Tate Center on the UGA cmpus with headphones plugged in. (Photo: Henry Taylor/

If you’ve ever walked the Bolton Dining Commons crosswalk around noon, you know that there are a lot of people at UGA. With over 36,000 people here, you’re bound to form social connections with people in your extracurriculars, dorms, dining halls, football events and networking.

Socialization is so upheld in UGA academics that it leaves no room for the quiet pensivity of the introvert. UGA favors extroverts in the classroom, and this can affect the way some students learn.

We’ve been inundated with it in our syllabi. Professors enlist class participation as mandatory or include breakout sessions where we have to talk to our peers. This is something that the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at UGA continues to implement through a flipped classroom method of teaching. This is when lectures are released online before class, and students actively discuss the topic they learned to facilitate deeper understanding of the material.

However, this mode of education homogenizes students as having one learning method only: those who thrive when given external and active participation in the classroom, which is an extroverted trait.

This mismatch affects the way introverted students learn. In a study from Western Nevada College, retention of material is highly related to the personality of the student. When teaching style lines up with a student’s extroversion or introversion, the student retains information longer, applies it more effectively and has a more positive attitude of the course in general. This is not the case when we fit classrooms to suit only the needs of extroverted students.

The disparity in learning effectiveness grows as UGA implements flipped classroom teaching methods. Mandatory socialization should stay out of the classroom so that UGA’s education can benefit all learning types-—not just extroverts.

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Man with the Axe

There is more to learning than simply retaining information. If that is all you are in class to do, you might as well spend your time reading.

Another reason, in fact, a much more important reason to attend class is to listen to others' opinions, formulate responses, and offer your own ideas so that they can be critiqued. College is an opportunity to gather up your courage and offer your ideas in an environment in which the cost of being wrong is small. Introverts may never have such a good opportunity to overcome their shyness.


You pick a right topic.. Great job
regards: S9


thanks for share


Though I do agree with the points made here, nothing will ever change. This subject is much like the stupidity of the plus/minus system and the absurd length of a semester. No one likes it, but the administrators, therefore nothing will ever change. One point that was missed here is the impracticality of the "flipped" method in large classes, particularly foreign language classes. In a class where pronunciation and grammar are graded, the students are effectively left to their own devices when practicing on each other due to the size of the class. The instructor cannot provide correction when and where needed, resulting in misunderstandings and incorrect pronunciations/grammar becoming "correct" in the student's mind. There is no way around this. Another issue is the propensity for unrealistic expectations for preparation. 60 pages in a standard sized hardback (non-textbook) for a 50 minute class is idiotic. The material cannot be adequately covered in that time, yet remarkably it will still show up on the assessments for the class. Overall and in areas beyond this, the university seems to have adopted a "me too" attitude, and as a result is no longer innovating and instead blindly following the revered "aspirational institutions," even to the detriment of us, the student body. As my mother always said, "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" In the case of the university, it seems that the answer would be a resounding yes. We are even emulating the north avenue trade school. UGA needs to go back to being a leader, not a follower.


University faculty can hardly adapt their teaching style to 30 different learners, especially when it comes to intro v extroverted learners. I don't think assessment can be biased in that way. Part of learning is learning to adapt to differing situations. Please don't think your future employer will take your introverted nature - or extroverted - in hiring or compensation.

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